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You know, I don't know what's gonna happen with this team. I'm gonna do a video this week on them. So I'm doing it on Monday or Tuesday. And you know, we have to look at how it's gonna work. Like they did improve a little bit, but why don't I wait, where's fournier? I'm looking at I'm on ref. That's weird. They didn't put them, why don't I see fournier on their hilarious? I'm sorry, gosh. So fournier is going to be interesting upgrade. He's one of the other guys who in the regular season can really help you. I don't know what happens in the playoffs. Honestly with him. But he is solid and then, you know, they bring in Kemba, they signed Derek rose. You're right. It's a weird lineup, mishmash together. And they had you guys at the end of the beginning of their careers. So I have promising young players, but with all the veteran signings they had, it's like, they're not going to how are they going to get any playing time? Right. And that's Tim's MO. He doesn't like to play the young guys. Anyway, so like a manual quickly who I really, really like and things should be a lead guard. You know, he's gonna get these limits. Minutes limited by both kimba and Derek rose, although kimba is, you know, I hate to say it. He breaks down a lot and I don't necessarily think he's going to make it through even though I generally try to ignore and assume people are going to be healthy with candidates tough up after the last several years. I'll be talking like, what do we have from him? Is that, you know, it fits and starts. Maybe he's going to be solid. I don't know. I'm still not white sold. And then you have RJ Barrett who he seems to be on that track and they're piping him to be the next great guard out of New York. But anyone sold on this?.

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