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None only need to be matt but they must be met for twenty one consecutive days. So as of monday taking a look at the larimer county covered nineteen dashboard. Here's what it showed. Ninety one coverted. Nineteen patients hospitalized right. The metric that needs to be matt is fewer than sixty five kobe. Nineteen patients hospitalized. One hundred and five percent. I see you utilization. They want it below ninety percent of usual and customary levels a seven day case rate of two hundred and fifty five per run hundred residents again the metric that needs to be met. There needs to be smaller than three hundred. Okay well all right. So there is some movement in the right direction. They're a seven day test. Positivity rate of seven point one percent ooh and when you go back to those metrics that must be met for twenty one days The county seventy tests. Positivity rate has to be less than ten percent all right so once again. We're making progress moving in the right direction at least with those last two metrics now larum counties. Last mass mandate expired in. May this around the same time. As the statewide mass mandate but gonzalez has been quote strongly recommending close quote county residents wear mass indoors since august. Eleventh so why now. Well in early. October daily hospital admissions for covert nineteen cases. Took a turn according to gonzales. Reaching on average between eight and twelve per day he said it was the icu utilization and the feedback that we are getting from our hospitals against certainly we do not want our healthcare system to be overwhelmed not only do povo one thousand nine cases. Make up about forty percent of the county's. Icu beds hospitalized cove. Nineteen patients need care for on average about two weeks taking up a bed and well the attention of healthcare workers for longer than most other illnesses. In the icu. This again According to larimer county public health director. Tom gonzalez hospitals nationwide reported a shortage of healthcare workers as many have left their jobs some due to Vaccine mandates during the pandemic small percentage were terminated after refusing to comply with hospitals vaccine mandates. Uc held by the way lost less than one percent of its workforce over its company wide mandate now as of sunday. The state reported thirty. Five percent of facilities are anticipating staffing shortages. Within the next week gonzalez went on to say certainly the shortage of skilled healthcare workers as impacting them but more than anything. It's all the day to day emergencies. Plus then forty percent of their beds are being occupied by one disease. Gonzalez went on to refer to the situation inside hospitals as being dire patients with my older. Moderate needs are having the wait for care and hospitals are triaging now..

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