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Tens of thousands of teachers plan to walk picket lines for a third day today yesterday they were joined on the strike for the first time by some of their counterparts from independent charter schools. Now the walkout that started. Monday was marked by a plunge in attendance to no new talks are scheduled the union rejected. The district's latest offer to hire nearly twelve hundred teachers counselors, nurses, and librarians and reduce class size. It also included. Previously proposed six percent raise over the first two years of a three year deal, but the union wants a six and a half percent hike at the start of a two year contract. The Internal Revenue Service is recalling about forty six thousand employees furloughed by the government shutdown nearly sixty percent of its workforce. That to handle tax returns and pay out refunds, and they won't be paid though. The employees with the official start of the tax filing season coming January twenty eighth. The Trump administration has promised tax payers owed refunds will be paid on time. There had been growing concern that the shutdown would delay refunds going out because the money wouldn't be available for them from congress last week. The administration said customary shutdown policies will be reversed to make the money available and refund payments on time two weeks before the biggest game and football descends on. Atlanta officials say they're doing everything to ensure its success, but the government shutdown breaks on charted uncertainty at mayor kisha Lance bottom says the city's taken all precautions, but those of you flying in to see the game get ready for long delays at the nation's busiest airport. Are so very thankful to all who will come to Lanta to enjoy the Super Bowl art stranger to large events. I do believe that we are as prepared as we can possibly be certainly there are factors that we don't control such as what's happening with our federal government shutdown and with long TSA line. Have I believe about seventy or eighty thousand people who go through Hartsfield Jackson, Atlanta international airport every day. That monday. I believe we expect to have a hundred and ten thousand people going through the airport. So it's my hope that by then the federal government shutdown will be history. Of course security will be tight in the days leading up to the big game Argo is for our officers to be visible for the public to feel safe be safe and be able to be position ourselves. So that we can react immediately to whatever scenario we are confronted with. Our intelligence operation center comprised of local state and federal agencies with over a hundred personnel will be operational from January twenty fifth through February the fifth starting on Thursday before the game. We'll be fully staffed twenty four hours a day. Lanta passengers at Atlanta's Hartsfield led the nation Monday in terms of longest screening at times. According to the TSA delays were eighty eight minutes that was the quote maximum standard, wait time. There's bipartisan praise for President Trump's choice to become attorney general William bar was grilled for hours Tuesday by the Senate Judiciary committee. He told lawmakers he's close with special counsel, Robert Muller, and he will allow the special counsels Russia probe to be completed. Are you familiar with the January eleventh New York Times article about FBI open inquiry into whether Trump secretly working on behalf of Russians ES? Mr Chairman, would you promise me in this committee to look into this and tell us whether or not in the appropriate way, a counterintelligence investigation was opened up by somebody at the FBI slash department adjusts. Against President Trump is Mr Chairman, I think there are a number of investigations as I understand it going on in the department you ever heard of such a thing all the time you've been associated with the department of Justice. I have never heard of that. Are they rules about how you can do counterintelligence investigations. I believe there armistead chairman. So if you weren't open up warn against the president or the any checks and balances. Not outside the FBI. Well, we need to look at that Muller. You say you've known Muller long time. Would you say you have a close relationship with Mr. Muller? I would say we were good friends. Would you say that you understand into a fair minded person? Absolutely. Do you trust him to be fair to the president and the country is? Oh, yes. When is report comes to you. Will you share it with us as much as possible consistent with regulations and the law? Yes, do you believe Mr. Muller would be involved in a witch hunt against anybody? I don't I don't believe Mr. Muller would would be involved in a witch hunt. Will you commit to know interference? With the scope up special counsel's investigation. I will the scope of the special counsel's investigation. Is set by his his charter and by the regulations, and I will ensure that those are maintained will you commit to providing this Muller with resources funds and time needed to complete his investigation. Yes. Will you commit to ensuring special counsel Muller is not terminated. Good cars consistent with department regulations. Absolutely. Now, former attorney general Jeff Sessions through the president's ir after removing self from the Russia investigation because of his previous work with the Trump campaign sessions, and then resigned at the president's request in November. Well, it was a high scoring affair in the NBA. The Golden State Warriors notching a record fifty one points in just one quarter of play the first quarter against the Denver Nuggets last night. Kevin Durant led the way with seventeen points as the dubs shot. Seventy six percent from the field. The team had ten of fourteen from three point range with four from Steph curry and three each by Klay Thompson in Durant. The warriors lead fifty one to thirty eight after the quarter the old Mark for an opening quarter was fifty points. It's been accomplished multiple times. But the last time it happened was also against Denver. When Phoenix scored fifty on November tenth of nineteen ninety. Think about how far the NBA com-. If you've watched the NBA for. Twenty-five thirty years, whatever as I have. You know, these fifty points that used to be how many points teams would score in a half not a quarter. Not not in twelve minutes of play not in fifteen minutes of play. But in a half hour of play. It is amazing. That these teams continue to shoot the lights out, and it's not just the warrior several teams that put up huge huge numbers yesterday. Well, Gillette ad for men invoking. The metoo movement is sparking intense backlash online with accusations at talks down to men and groups calling for a boycott, but Gillette says it doesn't mind sparking the discussion were sitting you're talking about right now right center debuted Monday, the internet only add has garnered nearly nineteen million views on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter, a level of buzz that of course, any brand would covet that two minute ad from Procter and gamble razor. Brand shows men and boys engaging in bullying cat, calling sexual harassment, and then encourages other men to say the right thing a step in and say something act the right way, if you will and the outcry echoes other attempts by major.

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