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They're all oh my god so british hello to our friend alastair hello allaster. I don't think he is injury weber son. I hope ooh oh my god well. He has told us he's not exactly high auster. You can send some money to atlas because your daddy is very rich. So this musical tells the story of a young obselete steam engine named rusty who races in a championship against modern engines in the hope of impressing a first class carriage named pearl famously the actors performed for me. The entire show on roller skates. The west end production of starlight express is the eighth longest running musical in broadway and west end history having been performed seven thousand four hundred and nine times between nineteen eighty-four and two thousand and two starlight express is also the most successful musical in germany where it has been performed in a purpose purpose built theatre since nineteen eighty eight and has been seen by over sixteen million people to date they have not stopped performing starlight light express eight days a week since one thousand nine hundred eighty eight. It's just it's just a continuous performance in a new actor drops on the stage like every eight hours. This is somebody shift. They get off and stop rollerskating yeah well. Apparently the purpose built theatre is the audience sits in the middle and then there are three he tracks going upwards so you actually watch the actor skating around and above you think of them we calories you burn. I got so skinny and the germans were like y'all y'all. They love it so jane kaczynski. Aka maroney was in the original nineteen eighty-seven broadway rodway cast as dinah the sweet gentle dining car. How about that. How about that. <hes> starlight express has its roots in three abandoned projects one an an animated tv series based on thomas the tank engine. It sounds so i was told you say this sounds like a tank engines to novelty pop single that inter laid railroad wrote and three an animated film based on cinderella in this version of the story the prince would hold a competition to decide which engine would pull the royal train across the united states of america cinderella would be a steam engine and the ugly sisters would be a diesel engine electric engine. The project shockingly went into development. Hell but andrew lloyd webber remained interested in the idea of telling a story with trains so starlight express it is the the poster ford is very eighties and it looks like gem like stars and like smoke as soon as irs so that starlight perms us marissa's many wristbands and ankle bands since your ankles they get they get very very chilly or it was going to say sweaty and sweaty chilean sweaty depending on in what you're doing anyway cricket so cricket is a short musical written by l. Dubs and tim'rous it was commissioned for queen elizabeth's sixtieth birthday celebration and was first performed at windsor castle on june eighteenth nineteen eighty-six. Several of the tunes from the show were later used for a later musical called aspects of love so the work was dropped from public performance or recording <hes> cricket was the last original musical tim rice and andrew lloyd webber wrote together okay okay so they came back together for cricket and they never worked about the bug or the sport..

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