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We ended up with each one suitcase. But then of course after for weddings she she died and I was left with two suitcases. That was all I had in the whole world. One of the striking things about this book are the illustrations by artist artist Fatina Ramos New both depict cultures of these different places so vividly in writing any pictures. Do you have one favorite wedding of the four that you had with Julian. And what made it your favorite. It was a US. Because I am from. I'm from Belgium. She's from Holland but we really decided that New York had to be the first wedding because the thing is you know in in Belgium and Holland people are like. Don't be crazy. You know every every idea that you have is very easily a pointed out as megalomaniac so when we told our story in New York everybody was like. Oh Wow oh you're crazy but it's great so we actually need it that. US energy to get it started. I feel kinship there. My Mom got married at City Hall in New York Really. Yeah that's great. Fleur Parrots the author of love around the World New Children's book. Thanks very much greater media. Thank you Australia is only at the beginning of its fire season and it can't catch a break. Strong winds and high temperatures are stoking one hundred and thirty separate wildfires. Oh fires across Australia's east coast. Four people have died and two and a half million acres have burned. That's like almost half of New Jersey. The BBC's Shaima Halil Dalil reports from the Australian state of New South Wales. The smell of smoke is the first thing that hits you when you step out in this part of the forest in Nana Glen I am GonNa Forest surrounded by blackened treetrunks. There's almost no color here. But the black back from the charge trees and the gray in the sky above full of smoke the ground here is completely scorched you could feel the heat each beneath and actually some areas are smoldering. Still across the dirt road from the burnt-out trees warned Smith. The and local mechanic guides me through the rubble of the place. He called home. As the catastrophic flames raged a fireball shot across and the whole house exploded floated. There's nothing here. There's nothing salve. There's nothing to be salvage as licenses just wreck. How long have you lived here for? Just thunder twenty two years. It was a family. Has the memories come back. And it's very very sad so why it is the emotion Steichen in the boys giants teased coming so the warns neighbor Helen evacuated before the catastrophic fire hit. But it's never happened like this before and especially when you look at the I mean. How many fives are they quote? They had one hundred fires burning in one day. The out of control. No this is climate change and this is the way heading on the planet group. Bulbul Glenroy Glenroy one company in the Local Glenn Ray Far Station Daryl Watch the Fire Brigade. Captain is getting ready for difficult times ahead. Everyone is incredibly. It'll be taught here Emotions are getting higher and the place because everyone bicycle we needed to be honest. Ryan is all we need and it'll be alive until it rains. which is the months and months and months coming to me? We started talking. I have a copy as their shift was about to end. Three firefighters in Darryl's team head out quickly to respond to a potential threat right. The smallest incident can turn into a disaster here and they take no chances in the massive Bush. Fires that have raged across Australia are expected to flare up again as the drought continues and the temperatures rise everyone here is bracing themselves.

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