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Far. Jim Nance joined us, he said of Tom Brady wins the Super Bowl coming up two Sundays from now. It's the greatest achievement and his career. Wow. We also were joined. Are we also talked about, I should say would be cool if we were joined Baron Rogers. We're not pat back up. So we did talk about the Aaron Rodgers situation, but that was so bizarre to me. And the chef, the reporting and kind of just look it in confidence and you go. Man. You see what's going on with the Texans. And then the Packers from Adam Schefter Olya, the coaching staff wanted back, but not everyone in the organization isn't lover is convinced about Aaron Rodgers moving forward. It's clearly Brian Gouda kun's onto it has to be the general manager's same guy that drafted Jordan Love. And it just annoys me when there's an obvious thing. And then the opposite thing happens. Now we are scheduled next week. And I hope that this happens Who knows, though With all these schedules, we'll have Jerry Rice on next week that we know for sure we have Deon Sanders scheduled to join us next week is well, we got a lot of big guests. For the Super Bowl. We're efforting Joe Montana when, uh and we're actually scheduled I'm hoping it happens. You never know, though with these interviews We are. We are efforting when we were scheduled to have Jordan love next week. Now I think that would be If he's willing to talk and just doesn't give us the typical answers. I think that has potential to be a very good conversation. So anyway, pretty much if you missed the show. So far, we have Jim Dancer. We also talked about the Anna Roger situation. Why? I don't get why The Packers would even contemplate trading him and personally, I think he's going to be the starting quarterback for the Packers. Come 2021 Just last segment. We talked about Big Ben. The Steelers want big Bend back. Big Ben wants to come back. They just needed to restructure that contract that it seems like Big Ben is willing to comply. The biggest topic of conversation so far tonight. Shawn Watson. And I hate to say this. I know we're on in Houston right now, because I feel bad for the Texans fans. I told you, So I told you this wasn't gonna end. In a good way, and I didn't just say this. And we gate. I didn't just say this. In week nine or week 10 the minute DeAndre Hopkins was traded. I lost all confidence in that organization. That organization went from a team that was up 24 to nothing against the Chiefs and the NFC championship game. Or the anti divisional round and 24 nothin. Who the league got blown out of the game. Since then, the Houston Texans have been a dumpster fire. I'm not saying it in a polite way. That's saying it in a nice way. But the minute they traded DeAndre Hopkins Houston Texans showed me that they don't actually care, not the players. But the management the coaching staff. Executives, but they're not serious about winning. And maybe it's not fair to say all the coaching staff, but I lump that in with Bill O'Brien and I know he's no longer there. They hired David Kolia. They're gonna bring it bring it and David Collie. Bill O'Brien was the general manager in the head coach. That's why I said coaches. The minute they traded DeAndre Hopkins. They thought they were smarter than everybody else. What do they get back for the Andrea Hopkins? A bag of balls until I got back for him. When you trade a player like DeAndre Hopkins, and the whole world is pointing a finger at you and laughing. Oh, like one of the Texans doing and everyone's belly aching over your incompetence. How do you think the players feel locked room? The players have probably sitting back and they're mystified and they're going. What the heck is going on out here? What do we do in Then you get off to a cold start. Then this thing ended up turning into a disaster of full on disaster. Here could be the biggest blunder here by the taxes. Because I told you the minute they traded DeAndre Hopkins. Bill O'Brien just signed up to get fired. The Texans. Yeah, they got to Shawn Watson to Sean Watson's good quarterback. Maybe they still make the playoffs baby. They still win the division. He will eventually don't want out. Cause it's never gonna be the same synergy whoever they bring in that he had with DeAndre Hopkins. Well at the time going into last season, was considered the best wide receiver in the NFL. Anyway, though. Here's the biggest blunder by the Texans. All the DeAndre Hopkins crap, who was a good soldier to Shawn Watson. Have to show monster that a few tweets here they're a few ambiguous tweets. But to Sharm Watson, when ever given an opportunity where he would have deservedly so and nobody giving him any problems to just blast the organization. Shot. Watson was classy. Shawn Watson was guess what himself. Shawn Watson did the right thing to Shawn Watson said. Yeah. I'm not gonna chastise the organization. I still want to be here now. I got an extension to that helps all that. Hey, we're sorry. We'll give you a big fat contract extension. 150 $160 million. Whatever was boom. Give you a lot of dinero. And then throughout this season, even through all the losing even even through battling his took us off. We've seen to Shawn Watson say all the right things. And I even bring you back and I mentioned this earlier mentioned again. When I first saw that video I was walking around the city was I actually got a bagel? I got a great bagel. This was right after the season, And did I want to this place Leo's in New York City. They have a pastrami on rye bagel, so it's a bagel. But as.

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