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It's still Ross Tucker football podcast. Oh, yeah. It is. But it's not just any Ross Tucker football podcast. It is a picks. Friday finished strong Friday winners Friday edition of the mighty RTF P. I am unaware of another NFL podcast out there. That has a player that's daily every day keeping up to date on everything going on around the NFL and making sure you have the player perspective on things the analyst perspective on things and giving you the thirty minutes of NFL content, you crave every single day. We are presented by Scekic yet to get the app. If you don't have the app, you're doing it wrong. Just get the app and put the promo code Tucker in. So if you do end up getting tickets for anything, you get twenty dollars off, even if you're just on. On the bus or sitting in traffic scrolling through and seeing what events or within an hour and a half of your house. It's awesome. So I use it for anyway. Contest winners the spread the word winner. Craig mcneil. I saw he liked one of the recent podcasts on Facebook, which is tremendously easy to do. He's from Tennessee. Congratulations. Craig hit me up with an Email Ross at Ross Tucker dot com, and let me know if there's a specific press pass, you desire, or if you would prefer to go ahead and get a signed picture or assigned football card, or whatever. Just let me know. I'd be very very happy to send any of those to you. Because you try and help spread the word via social media and then Email address by the way Ross at Ross, Tucker dot com. That's exactly what Nancy deposited after she got her tickets on C. Wiki Nancy, let me know Ross at Ross Tucker dot com. Exactly what you would like and congratulations for winning for taking advantage of seek. We love those guys. We also love the big show on a Friday. Your thoughts. Your picks on the divisional round games this weekend. I up Indianapolis at Kansas City this one tomorrow four thirty five eastern. Yup. And I am flying down to New Orleans in the mornings I can hole up in my hotel room and watch these games. I think by the way, this is like ninety nine percent. But for those of you in the UK, I'm going to provide some analysis for this colts chiefs game at the end of the first quarter and the end of the third quarter. I'm sure that's with my buddy, Neil Reynolds. So if any of you are watching these games on Sky Sports, look out for your boy at the end of the first quarter and the end of the third quarter live from my hotel room in New Orleans, Louisiana. So let me just give you a theme Bri. And I think the people that listen to the even money podcast where we place bets with the spread probably already know this. But I really. Think all of the road teams have chances to win these games. I wouldn't be surprised if any of these teams one on the road, which is pretty remarkable. Right. I mean, you got a couple of six seats playing one seeds, and it wouldn't shock me at all. If they want that includes the colts against the chiefs. I really think this. I mean, I think all of these games. I hope they are. And I think they all will be pretty close competitive games. The way the colts are playing on offense in a way that offensive line's playing. It protecting Andrew luck. It's hard for me to not envision there being a decent amount of points in that game. You know, I I guess I just feel like if Chris Jones and Justin Houston and d fort are not able to get pressure on luck. And good luck. Getting. Pressure on luck based on what's happened recently. If they're not able to do that. I think this is a really high scoring game. And I think turnovers are the difference in this one. You know, I mean luck had a bad pick last week. Does Mohme's have a couple of costly interceptions in this game. The thing about Mahomes, though, he has been so consistent all year. Now, he's doing some picks. But I think you can reasonably argue that every game. He's played has been a good game. I think he's played a good game every single game the whole year. I don't think you can say that about your brief. I think drew Brees had a couple of games that were just okay. But I think Mahomes has played pretty darn well in every game. I think that that happens again, I think this is a terrific game that ends up. It's just hard to pick the colts on the road. Two weeks in a row again in Kansas City, Arrowhead, it'll be rocking. I know the history of the chiefs at home in playoff games in recent years, isn't real good. But this is Mahomes era. I think. That's different. I think he ends up being the difference in the game. I wanna go thirty one twenty eight to chiefs win this game.

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