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Club Friday, January eighteenth, we're doing an all new episode of bubble with very very cool cast. Of course, you got. The regulars Elisa scanner crystal Alonzo, Allison Becker, Mike Mitchell, a lot of cool guests, including Jonathan Colton who is singing all new legally dissimilar songs, and and he's not just seeing Jesse now. He'll be acting. Oh, wow. We've we've upgraded Jonathan Colton from singer to actor. Yeah. I guess it will be doing both. I guess it's not an upgrade. It's an we added. We added a duty. Yeah. Which is acting. Yeah. A lot of cool people be their year. Also added to do it. He astle. Yes. He also take a big shit. He will not. Why is going to be in Nicaragua? From the dope, boys. It's going to be doing a little acting the hilarious standup. Caitlyn Gill is going to be there. Sarah class bowl from the everything is rent podcast is going to be doing some acting and anything else the great blink Apache rape. Blink capacity. It's gonna be a really really fun show. He'll be indistinguishable. Yeah. This is really fun. And definitely it's definitely a new listener friendly. I mean, I think if you listen to the show you've probably listen to bubble already. But if for some reason, you got bud. You wanna bring who maybe haven't heard the show it'll be very new listener friendly. So do not do not worry about that. Just come and get ready for a great time on Sunday the twentieth. We're going to be at the punchline in San Francisco right there in downtown San Francisco, the Bart right to this thing, Jordan. That's the bay area. Rapid transit Sunday January twentieth. One pm the punch line. I don't think we say who our guest is yet. But it's it's good. It's our guest is really good. Let me let me tease it. Let me put it this to'set. When the name is announced on will be arrested that. Sure. Yeah. You're going to you're you're gonna you're not gonna wanna peep the name. But you might've eat the name. I don't know what that means. Bony? We can't say. It is not with who's gonna be our guest at the show for at the show at the punch line on the twentieth. One PM here's duty go to S F sketch, fest dot com or maximum fun dot org for ticket links. We'll be back in just a second on Jordan. Jessica. Jordan, Jesse go. I'm Jesse thorn, America's radio, Sweden, Jordan, more exploited.

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