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Tomorrow on Tony cats. The subpoenas are out. What does that mean for the Muller report? And the secretary of agriculture Sonny Perdue is scheduled to be with us sixty nine and eleven to one Tony cats right here on ninety three. But Dinger show, let's kick it into some. And now all of the news. You would probably miss Davis quick. Right. As I looked at this headline. I realize I need to ask Kane if I can say this on air, so hold up. Can I say that on air? I just put it in slack. It's part of this headline. Okay. It's literally part of the headline. It's not my fault. It's where it's not my fault. So apparently this got there. This is an actual story. It's I'm just gonna read the headline. Don't judge me? It says the Texas butthole tickling bandit has finally been caught. That was apparently the guy's name. He was identified and caught by police in the early hours. He was on the run he he would like break into homes and assault people in a way that got him that nickname. Peep the police originally thought he was homeless. However, when they picked up the man he was wearing four thousand five hundred dollars worth of uses clothing. I don't know. That's what the headline says. I am not responsible for any of this. Also, the a Pennsylvania state Representative horrified. Democrats when she prays Jesus what? No. She says she opens she horrify Democrats by opening prayer saying at the name of Jesus every knee will bow state Representative Stephanie Borowitz, outraged Democrats by visiting my mentioning Jesus thirteen times in our invocation and people were it was at the swearing in of America's first female representatives hurts I wearing and everyone got really mad because.

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