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Let's see here. We have been in Aurora bended morning. You're on the air. Hi. Hi. Can I called you a few weeks ago about the furnish filters? Yeah. Not just refresh your memory. I could've sworn that. Brian told me do double the cheap filters and not use the thick filter. I forgot I forgot to ask him about that. I Email back and forth him quite a bit. And I did you ask him again. I didn't want to bother him. But I can call him. I have his number. Well, he's listening to the program. I just got some feedback on those expensive furnace Motors needs still listening. So I will probably get an Email from them here in a couple of minutes. All right. Yeah. Is just wanted to remind me did, you know, if you had talked to sworn when he was at my house each adult real cheap. You know fiberglass. Yeah. Yeah. Well, let's get some feedback from them as far as I know I still like the corrugated paper style. But let's see if he's still listening, and if not I promise that I will get with their phone or Email during the week and talk about that. So thanks for the reminder gonna go too good to hear from you. Ben -tarian Cheyenne. Hi, terry. Good morning. Hi, my husband, and I recently installed some glass shower doors. And the instructions with it said the us a soft cloth only not to use harsh chemicals on we talk about the glass now on the glass, right? But we're getting water spots. We rub rub it down after we shower, but we're still getting water spots. And I was wondering because I have a oil rubbed. Bronze hardware around it. Yes. I. First of all, it's like or vinegar considered a harsh chemical. Yeah. Maybe so, but we we don't need to go. Quite that far yet. Do you have a squeegee in that this is this clear glass, by the way, Terry totally clear did you ever squeegee in the shower? No. Your husband, shower seconds. So he gets to squeeze you the. Class. The best the best defense against spots in his shower. Doors squeegee at every morning. The second best is to use a daily shower cleaner spray, which they were at works. Pretty well. It's a wedding agent that kind of of discourages spot formation, but maybe you don't wanna breathe that stuff every day. But the squeegee a little rubber squeegee hanging on a little hook in the shower is really the way to go. There are also other ways if it's if the spouse of dried up, some people think if you rub it with a bounce a dryer sheet that can help if you get stubborn spots and a little warm water. And and white vinegar is also a helpful again, you can use your squeegee. But I think the squeegee is real defensive way to to make sure that you just don't get any spot formation. Yeah. And it doesn't involve any chemicals at all does that. I would not go to the Tyler. That's those are pretty strong right now. I don't think it will hurt the glass, particularly, but you don't really need to. So I think the squeegee really is the way to go. Yeah. Okay. And what about for existing water stains than guilty? There's I say I would try some vinegar and water. I okay. Here's the vinegar. Those are kind of probably a minerals that get deposited magnesium and calcium minerals. Get deposited the water spots on the door. So the vinegar warm water and vinegar not just dilute vinegar solution will we'll get those off. If you have to go to something stronger. I guess to seal are woodwork. But I would try the vinegar and water. I yeah. Okay. Now, rain X makes the you know, the rain actually put on your windshield. Yes, they make some shower door cleaner products. And I don't remember if they also sell a spray as a defense to keep water spots off. Or not. I can't remember. But look up the rain X shower door products online, and they have a whole line of shower door care, which and I love Ray next on my windshield. By the way, I ask for the car wash. And yes, a nice job. Yeah. Yeah. This is Terry before I let you go. This is the kind of thing that we get a lot of good feedback on. So we got another eight minutes or nine minutes of the show and reliable to get another couple of calls about people's favourite shower door, clear shower door glass cleaners and so don't don't quit listening to the program. We might get you some more feedback. Okay. Okay. Well, thank you..

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