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Transportation climate initiative. You know where our gasoline tax in Massachusetts is only 24 cents. And once we get the T C I and there with no legislative or popular approval, it'll be 62 cents a gallon. And it's a really important job. Kevin undersecretary of climate change again, I repeat, though we have a saying an undersecretary of climate change, why don't we have an undersecretary of volcanoes, Earthquakes, sunspots Continental drift? Why Why is is climate change? Getting more? Emphasis than volcanoes. Track. You're next with Howie Carr. Go ahead, Chuck. How are you? Great to talk to you this question. It has nothing to do with climate change or anything like that has to do with the future about 22 months from now. When the Democrats might figure that the House would go to the Republicans. I think they're 47 feats that might Uh, yeah, They announced that there. Yeah. Kevin McCarthy, and I think the Republicans announced that they were going to go. There's 47 Democrats. They consider very vulnerable. Yes. Go ahead. Correct. So my question is, if it does go Republican than the speaker of the House will go Republican. Correct after Democrats if the Democrats sense But the house is going to go Republican would they get rid of Biden before the 22 elections so Pelosi could move to be vice president? No, I You know Pelosi, Pelosi would only be in line she wouldn't become vice president. If if Biden leaves under the 25th amendment, or any any other circumstances in cup, Kamila Harris becomes president. Then, as long as there's no vice president, the speaker would be second in line, but she has the right to a point. A A new vice president. I don't know. I can't remember who the new vice president if he has to be appointed, has to be approved by the Senate or the House or both. But remember when Spiro T. Agnew, Nixon's vice president, was convicted of taking payoffs in the White House, he resigned And Nixon appointed Gerald Ford the I think it was the House minority leader at the time from Michigan to become the vice president and Gerald Ford was also a guy who for people who were into the Kennedy assassination theories he was on the Warren Commission. And the reason he was on the Warren Commission is because the FBI had tape Of him with prostitutes in Bobby Bakers. Then of his brothels, But he ran out of a hotel in Washington, D. C So they had control. Of Gerald Ford, the Republican. The other Republican on the Warren Commission investigating the assassination of JFK was John Sherman Cooper. Who was who was very, very close to the Kennedy state they shared. They shared at least one woman. Anyway, I'm I don't meet the dye aggress, but I did. You could read all about this. And Kennedy Babylon volumes one and two Incidently, and that kind of leads up to our next spot. My friends that even pure have done it again and for as long as supplies last thunderstorm air purifier..

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