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And today. I have the privilege of hosting john perez. John is a senior client. Engagement manager and the lead for the venture network at via the nation's leading healthcare innovation network is work spans both innovation and strategic capital investments in digital health. He holds a degree in biomedical engineering. From vanderbilt and works out of chicago here like myself and i'm so privileged to have him on the podcast today to dig into a little bit about venture in really healthcare but how health systems can best leverage their position and how to best position their strategy as relates to venture. And so jon. Thank you so much for joining us today. Yeah thanks so much for having me solid excited to be here. Yes so before we dive in would love to hear more about you. John and what inspires your work in healthcare. Yeah absolutely and i really grew up in a medical household so i to amazing physician parents. My mom was a pediatrician. My dad's plastic surgeon and so right off the bat you have to total opposite end of the spectrum but you know it really did kind of two things growing up. I made it really really hard for me to fake being sick and the kid and and second you know it really introduced me into health care and jump started my career within healthcare at a really young age and so i had the good fortune of being able to spend a ton of time with my mom at her pediatric office working summers and kind of part time and really got familiar with full patient journey from end to end i got to spend time scheduling billing collections. Kind of the whole nine yards. And you know one key thing that ended up being a big part of is the transition from her office from paper telectronic right to paper to mr. And you know you can picture it. You'd see me kind of locked away in a room Charts all over the floor or scanning into the system. And i'm trying to piecemeal you know what were some of the processes that happen when this was paper. And what are these prostitutes gonna look like when we're now leveraging digital and we're in the new system and talk about the the easiest way to get some hands on experience into just kind of the overall clunky -ness of healthcare a you have a piece meal you know processes and a lot of administrative burden just in the overall health system. And so i. I really got exposure to that at a at a very young age and probably what i didn't fully appreciate at the time is just a massive opportunity for technology and.

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