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Mike yesterday's jill. Hillary who's counting at georgetown university. He's founding member of the circle. Kate to frank think tank management. He's also research fellow at the french military police academy at the senior fellow at the asian bureau financing economic surge local. Jill thank you very much tation. Thanks doing this. So i learned to start the bone of the papers From two thousand eight It's entitled this religion matter it corporate decision making america. You see the excitement of corporate culture. Influences firms behaviors most specifically have religiosity in films environment effects. Its investment decisions and you focus on the us here demeaning economic environments. So could find at the speaker right. So part of my research is Behaviorally nature right. So so that's one example of that stream off of research that i'm engaged in So this is called through with Y hoy and so we were curious to see if the government in which a firm is operating is affecting its operation and more specifically if like the type of people you're interacting with will affect the corporate culture of the firm and so What we did in that paper is that We got some data on how religious ah given county in the. Us is right so how many people would go to a place of worship out since it's the us it's typically a church Bloody could be. It could be any type of Mesa where like mosque laura or a synagogue or any other place of worship Then we look at what the literature in psychology telling us about the link between Religiously t in and risk aversion and we found civil a papers that focused on experimental evidence suggesting that There is a positive link between the two like religious t and risk aversion Often correlated. And so what we did in the paper is ted weather That extent to communities. And we find indeed that that's when a firm is located in place in county Were a lot of people are agreeing to replace worship then That firm is Much more risk averse doesn't invest as much The cash was less volatile and so forth.

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