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But fucking wikipedia pages on stephen king anything especially ones that don't have a movie or a travesty. Dorks get out there. I can't do it. I run a podcast. That's i've done my time. Wow i'm on lake. So i take the wikipedia. It was sparse. I checked the wikki. It was sparser. Yup it was worse. Oh my god you weren't kidding. Yeah it's because the vast majority of king fans are older and don't dude. Are you know which you know. I guess it's fair. I don't fucking do it either now. I'm on good. Reads trying to see if anyone mentioned. I'm ninety percent. Sure his name is bill. I'm the other thing before we just shoot ourselves. Further in the foot here is i. Actually the other day loves buttons. Omnia was that it also be. Yeah are you. Flew like helen. The principal character. Who you know in her story. You know the they intact. The story was her husband. He and she fled to a women's shelter. And it's this kind of slow realization. That ralph has at like oh. Helen is no longer going to be looking for men. And especially because there's that other character from the women's shelter. I can't remember her name either but there is some tricky bits in there were just like. Oh yeah. she's a lesbian and she's clearly like the man heating guy like that of noxious but it's just close enough you're sitting. You're the the thing that's hard about. Stephen king is that he doesn't he doesn't pull punches from his characters. If his character would think or say something problematic. Stephen king does not stop them from doing so as a writer which is tricky. Because then you you run into wall. Are you encouraging this behavior. Because it's coming from the protagonists etc etc. I also does a character in the dark tower. That is we need to gush about a bad guy random. So yes we we will talk about my fave and yours callahan. But i wanna talk real briefly about what i think is ultimately my king representation which is like a random tie. Heen like just dude who is killed in thirteen. Yeah is like just like a dude. He basically in work you know. He's kind of a different species doesn't he needs a marie. So here's a furry. I'm i'm talking about in absolute minute character. I don't think he has a name. It is a does this or are you talking about the one who's kind of gave for the night run school. Let me bring you there. Sorry okay i'll hush go on this journey with you. There is a random mook. I think he's unnamed. Don't know.

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