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We can't as much as i'd love to walk into the north carolina general assembly and get rid of our Republican led speaker and senate majority leader. I can't and they're gonna pass what they wanna pass. I can't control what they do. But i can control what i do in the senate or the house in the us. Congress one point five trillion or zero. What's your choice. So i guess the obvious answer is one point five then but i think that this whole conversation. That democrats are having in terms of thinking bold really pushing for these big packages. I think at the end of the day if we do get something like mansions. Bill passed or this one point five trillion dollar. Bill has instead of the original price tag. Three trillion will settle for the conversation. That democrats are having that young people are having now. Is i think change how we think about how no one we are in power. I think we need to confront systemic issues on or else. I don't think that we have time to do it if if democrats lose the house in twenty twenty two. We won't have any transfer i think. Are we in power but are we in power because we have a majority of people who agree with us or are we in power only because they really only two options and either have to put an hour behind your name or a d. Behind your name and folks like jon tester and kirstin cinema and joe manchin chose the over. The are but they don't really agree with the cory. Booker bernie sanders of the world. I mean if we had if we had more than just those two letters would they be these or would they be you know whatever the other options were it. Should we have more than two parties. Honestly i think that we should have more than two parties and part of the reason is because of that issue of we think of in terms of democrats republicans independents but sally. I don't think democrats and republicans. But you know. I just don't think in our world right now. We become so polarized and so partisan that's i think the reality that we're living in that we separate ourselves in these chew camps in republican and democratic terms and therefore that's what power means to us now and so i think we have to kind of use it we have. I don't think no third parties really going to be successful but until that happens. I think we have to deal with the cancer in and kind of try to us where we fall in the best way possible and i think for democrats that right now is unfortunately because of the slim majorities we have but is it fair to look at someone likely joe mansion or care cinema and say just because they chose to have the d. behind their name their bad disease because they don't agree with elizabeth warren or they're bad dis because they don't agree with cory booker in that same situation i can't trump himself came out just today. Criticizing a whole bunch people in his own party for daring to sign onto this infrastructure. Bill calling them rhinos. You know we've heard that. I guess dino's too but hear rhinos more often and i think to myself. Would you really rather them not be republicans. Would you really rather than take that are and get rid of it and put a d. d there instead Ah do we not need to stop expecting everyone to groupthink. Isn't it okay. That joe manchin is shouldn't we be thankful that he's a democrat on some issues even if we don't agree with him on all of them were. I don't think we're expecting him to be a democrat issues. It's just the issues that i think are challenging our country. The most voting rights climate. Change like you. Do you think the voting rights and climate change are the most important things to your parents know. But they're the issues that i think. Take the most to reform in the sense that these are big issues that takes his stomach. Change are the most important to most people. I mean i can understand why you're y. The younger generation would see. Climate change is a very systemic a very important and pressing issue I can understand why someone who had lost their family to gun. Violence would see gun control as a pressing and primary issue. But aren't we asking people to have our priorities. Put our priorities. I like if i went when before. Gay marriage was legal. If i expected someone to vote for the candidate who supported same sex marriage. Wouldn't that be me saying you need to put my needs before your own. Is it okay to do that. I mean i it. Voting is important to me. And to you and i love that you love it and i'm with you on most of the issues but i wonder if we have gotten too selfish and maybe younger generations have gotten to a point where they're so used to having what they want right in front of them on twitter or instagram. Or they're you know any entertainment option. They want on youtube that we forget that my priorities might not be somebody else's priorities. How much do we need to be reminded of that. I think you definitely have a point. That the reason why i think voting rights is such a big issue and why. I think we're in such a big debate about this. Is i think because it just matters so much just for the foundation of our democracy our constitution our system of government and so while it may not matter to someone who is maybe a living out in wyoming alaska. I think just if we want to build up from there we need to establish some sort of consensus on where our democracy stands and have at least some sort of agreement on something as fundamental as infrastructure climate change voting rights and get that set before we can address other issues and find consensus where were fundamental rights matter director. You just said we need to get consensus on infrastructure. But thirty minutes ago you weren't satisfied with the consensus that they found on infrastructure. More more we have to get these issues addressed trying to but they're not bold enough for up old enough. They're not bright enough for some folks right. so do they need. Do we need to stop expecting everything to be our way. Listen if i had my way we'd spend an acetone tunnel infrastructure. We change the constitution to ban to make a gerrymandering constitutionally not possible and campaign finance. we'd toll. I mean i'm with you on us so many so many of these things but at some point don't we have to realize shat as much as i want one hundred percent of things my way like if i won't even accept ninety five percent of what i want then i'm not gonna get any anything right at some point. Do we have to dream and hope and push and keep striving for the bold stuff while also accepting damn. We got a little bit of. We got a win here. And we got one point five trillion dollars. Flynn had we not been in the majority. We would have gotten jack ship right. I mean because the that is the alternative not being in power. And you know if we've gotten rid of the filibuster when that day comes and god forbid it's gonna if we've gotten rid of the filibuster than we can..

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