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They all they say is somebody Sam Sam I didn't hear as county sheriff's office announced an arrest last night the Texas a and M. real estate center forecasts that the cost of a home in taxes will increase at twice the rate this year than it did last year that's really good news for anybody selling a home last year prices went up three percent this year expected to go up to six percent for the first time in history last year Texas exceeded one hundred billion dollars in home sales the CDC confirming two more cases a corona virus in San Antonio among quarantined evacuees off the cruise ship in Japan corona virus can be spread by someone who does not have any symptoms they have discovered a twenty year old woman from Wuhan China which visit some relatives that live four hundred miles away she wasn't sick but now five of her family members are a big turnout is expected within about a caucuses begin meeting coming up any minute now the battered early voting for the first time ever turn out is already eighty percent of all the votes cast in twenty sixteen the polls have Bernie Sanders in the lead ahead of Biden and Warren K. T. R. H. news time twelve oh three well are you ready to officially become the space cadet that you always wanted to be it does take deep pockets you on musk's SpaceX company which provides rocket access to space to world governments and commercial enterprises will soon be providing human transportation for NASA and alongside that will be willing to fly private persons to space as well it'll likely cost a passenger tens of millions of dollars SpaceX is partnering with the tourism company called space adventures and will offer four seats aboard their crew dragon spacecraft travelers will spend five days in space and go farther than recent astronauts have traveled Evan brown fox news there is is a widespread problem of sleep disorders in soldiers and veterans for the first time it's being addressed by both the Pentagon and the VA Dr Vincent my sleeve H. at UT health San Antonio says the guidelines are a big deal by publishing guidelines amid please sleep disorder to the four point and something that should be uniquely addressed the guidelines that recommendations for some medications sign stealing still a topic Houston Astros outfielder Josh Reddick revealing that he and several members of the team have been victim to death threats in the fallout from the sign stealing scandal noting it's so rampant it's affecting families give or take away too far with death threats to knowing myself my wife my kids and I was just this is way out of hand to where it's skin crazy so they should really want to work like going to some some places where it can be very dangerous outside the ballpark Astros players won't necessarily be safe when the games begin pictures like Mike Clevinger of the Cleveland Indians and Ross struggling of the.

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