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Bamber? Thank you twelve. Forty seven on KNX the FDA calls vaping by teens an epidemic in today announced new action against makers of the devices, but critics of e cigarettes remain, very skeptical. Your kids may vape, and you don't even know it tips tricks, and how To's they're all over the internet abbey here. And today, we're going to talk about inhaling. A new study says e cig use by kids is up seventy five percent over last year. The age requirement to buy the stuff they get around that. Where do they do it at school with friends at home as long as adults aren't watching? I know how hard school can be guys, you know, a lot of stress you're basically trapped around five or six hours. It was just five months ago, the FDA announced a plan to stop companies from targeting kids. Now, the FDA is announcing new enforcement, but Matthew Myers. Head of the campaign for tobacco-free. Kids says the demand for change is not required remains to be a may include rather than must include. And we will see far less Chang in sixty days. EC companies have been told to come up with ideas to reduce teen us or face a possible ban on flavored liquids used in their products. Vicky more KNX ten seventy NewsRadio UC San Diego. Researchers say they've developed a hand scanning scanning device that can collect fingerprints from children as early as the first day of birth. They say this will help doctors accurately identify kids to make sure they get timely vaccinations. They also say securing a person's identity at birth can protect against I. Kennedy fraud in the future. The researchers say they hope to have the device ready for the market sometime within a year. It's twelve forty nine now on KNX in Pasadena. Police say a stabbing was left one man dead. Another man critically wounded the suspect now in custody happened overnight on Colorado boulevard, east of San Gabriel boulevard. Witnesses say the three men were arguing with the suspect took off return with a knife stabbed both victims one man was wounded in the upper body died at the hospital another was stabbed in the leg and hospitalized that person is in critical condition. The suspect was detained by witness until he could be taken into custody by police Rams hall of Famer Jackie Slater has our football insiders report. That's coming up in just ninety seconds. It's twelve fifty every time you've listened..

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