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For reporting crime statistics to the public breaks down specific crimes committed during an incident talking about crimes that fall in the category of crimes against a person for each victim. There is a score. There's a crime that take place crimes against property. It's just for that event crimes against society is crime for that violation because the new crime stats start in June of twenty eighteen officials say it's going to take a couple of years before accurate comparisons can be made more than four hundred and fifty police agencies in Texas have adopted the new system just for the Memorial Day weekend gas prices around town or going down. On the average for regular. According to AAA, Texas is to fifty nine that's down two cents from last week. You're paying sixteen cents less for a gallon of gas than you did a year ago today. Somebody left a suitcase at fort bend animal services. And there were five little puppies inside. That's the last thing. They need the shelters overcrowded. There are thirty three dogs on death watch. If they cannot find homes for them the shelters waving adoption fees on those dogs. It has been a rough day. On Wall Street, the Dow down more than four hundred points. This our Facebook is cleaning house. They're dumping billions of fake accounts. We get the latest from Fox News as book says it removed over three billion fake accounts between October and March twice as many as the previous six months in a blog post rep say, the increase is due to automated attacks by bad actors attempting to create large volumes of accounts at one time. Facebook continues to upgrade. It's detection tools to flag bought accounts spreading spam or misleading content, and says most were blocked within minutes of creation with two point four billion active monthly users, the company estimates about five percent are fake Christine Goodwin. Fox News all the White Sox beat the Astros last night. So we have decided we're only going to let them play one more game here tonight. We're going to have that game on KTAR age covering starting at six on sportstalk, seven hundred we're going to pick it up after the first pitch news on demand. KTAR H dot com. We will have another update at one thirty. Breaking news as it happens. Now, the Rush.

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