DAN, Needham, Matthews discussed on CFB: Gildan New Mexico Bowl


The cities that killed dan new mexico wall on espn radio and the espn act was was foul rentals the and morsel first ever meeting between these schools from the mountain west conferencee conference usa third and eleven colorado state they have the football the marshall 42 yard line and this is an opportunity to maybe showcase your star michael gallup stevens likes the all american in it they tried to get him the ball whenever possible the majko oba told us in meetings yesterday trade he has a section of his play called seat topright corner to blocked off section of calls that are designed to go to michael gallup i wouldn't be surprised to see mike bobo in nick stevens maybe go to one of those calls here but this is one of those situations that he michael couch is one of those receivers i like to refer to as any racer he races mistakes you're not making a mistake if you get michael galloping any kind of a one on one here and you take a shot to him down with you coming off a timeout gallup by the way six one hundred yard games this season he had a two hundred sixty three yard effort against nevada and in the top five in the fps in yards in receptions per game he's a guy you're not gonna stop completely you just hope to to a slowing down of chris jackson a lot on his shoulders at that quarterbacks book absolutely it's a tough to ask because gals a gray route runner he has the size it over six one two hundred pounds the physical young man you can push off at the my discriminates now doesn't get jammed up at the mina scrimmage very easily matthews is the low running back and gallup biased lonesome split to the left side of the formation trips to the right side for stevens on third and eleven for the marshall forty two from the guy takes the snack quarterback troy here back at the forty five to marshall players there of needham rural laws and didn't appear have anywhere to go shannon haynes and marchi's challenged the tackle it in were there caning 'haves an excellent job of just penetration through this colorado state offense of wind to give nick stevens no opportunity to run this loophole a safe call by mike bobo but an excellent play up front 9'0 chuck heater defensive coordinator for the heard excited to.

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