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On saturday it's for get down say he got shit get down about this all right i'm next we have an interview with producer tim sullivan looking at your cv you've had a crazy career and i am so curious how you got into show business and what was that avenue for you yeah it has been very crazy and sometimes i can't believe it myself i guess it all started when i was five years old and i'm enough of a kook that i know the exact dates it was december fifth nineteen sixty nine i'm dating myself but i was five years old and once upon a time there was only nine channels on television that was not streaming and you know i was a precocious little kids so i knew exactly how many channels there were so when i would ask my mother what was on tv i would mentally count so if i knew there was nine so she only said seven i need it was too she didn't want me to stay so of course it's the pan doors mocks whenever your parents whatever somebody doesn't want you to whatever door they don't want you to open that's the one of course you want to so i you know kept asking okay what's on channel two sons channel seven and finally i was like what what's on channel five and there was no answer i'll come on come on my mommy finally she was like dracula look what document what's that you don't wanna see it you'll be scared no way when i want to see i started crying and the whole thing that's also how i get every movie made by the way chri until they say okay here's here's the money make the movie but which isn't really far from the truth of so he he he basically said to me i will let you watch this movie under one condition if you are scared i'm never letting you watch one again and you'd better not tell anybody watches if you're scared so like okay so it was creature features this was new jersey and regular team on and i was like oh my god i was both frightened and seduced at the same time and i just had to like i just in their decided i need to be a part of this i don't know what quote this was at that moment but then it was.

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