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Pilot has died after his helicopter smashed onto a roof in midtown Manhattan early this afternoon. Now know the identity of that pilot who died is, aim is Tim McCormack. He spent ten years as a volunteer firefighter in East Clinton, New York. But this could have been much worse there on remarkably. There were no other injuries to breed do not fall on anybody. And the FDA and Y was able to control this fire seven hundred and fifty feet above New York City just blocks away from Times Square. Fox's Brian yet near the crash site. The NTSB is investigating the cause of the crash. Investigators say McCormack was only in the air for eleven minutes before the crash, a human rights group says it has identified hundreds of spots, where witnesses claim North Korea carried out public executions and extra judicial state killings as part of what they're calling an. Overtraining and aggressive use of the death penalty, that's meant to intimidate its citizens. The sole base transitional Justice, working group said its research was based on interviews with six hundred ten North Korean defectors. This is Fox News. From Florida's central credit union hormones, traffics are looking at a pretty easy ride right now, across your major roadways in interstate in the greater Tampa Bay area, just looking at some minor slowdowns on I four eastbound between Hillsborough avenue, and I seventy five and I seventy five. It's up is a little bit slow up in Pasco county driving northbound between state road fifty two and county road forty one. So looking at problems on Gibson drive. However, a serious accident has shut down both eastbound and westbound lanes between is five in the three one takes southbound East Bay two eastbound SIMS wrote as an alternate route Samantha canning, NewsRadio WFL a. Showers and thunderstorms still possible this evening on and off otherwise mostly cloudy skies temperatures low, eighties course, high.

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