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They're recommending to marriage I. Wish I were that smart. The gunman's. It's really interesting to me that his whole story that he was this mit mathematician my and give me like materials minutes institute, but I didn't know his background of being an MIT mathematician, and then applying statistical research to. Relationships Which? It just seems to make all the sense in the world. So I. Don't know what this is going to want to talk. Real Tangential I can give you the one liner. That'll have you interested, so he can watch. He's been studying. Since the eighties married couples have conversations films them. He can predict with eighty percent accuracy within five minutes of watching them talk if they'll get divorced. I can, too. Know You fucking kidding me. Tell me that's difficult. I, think it's difficult. You had to watch. Two people talk for five minutes and go. You'RE GONNA. Make it or not into be right you. Can't you tell me you can't do that? I Bet I could do with. Accurate you just said that you knew what type of person I am and my ex? He didn't make a couple accurate predominant a couple of. Leans more to that. I'm a savant Lake John. Then just random and everyone could do it. Can you guess one thing I've done I just picked to spectacular events that happened almost no one working on in laird, Hamilton's pool and touring. JPL, do make a prediction about. I've got I've got one one hundred percent, okay. You you worked on. Building your own motorcycle. But did not did not actually complete it by yourself. You needed help. God. But what a great underhand! Mostly work on cars and I complete them. Ahead. You've you've written that. Motorcycle should eventually got completed with somebody else's help. Staying with my conviction, old old cars in new motorcycles. have apart fall off on a two wheeler. I think that's why I sound. Okay. Well, you guys, you have the label and you guys ended up putting out K, so they have this beautiful part of the documentary Monaco. You didn't see the beginning their best friend when they were kids was Gail Kate and she played the drums, and they were all together and very honestly own the fact that they just dumped her when they. Got Involved with Rubin in Russell Simmons and then they felt terrible about it, and then they went to mutual friends funeral. And it kind of brought them back together and she by your guys, admission was just totally cool ready to pick back up and no hard feelings, and you got close again, and then they ended up starting to label and put out her music..

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