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Our top national story comes from our Washington watchdog, Jamie Dupree, two point now, President Trump continues looking into what exactly happened to missing Washington Post journalist, Jamal kashogi who many people believe was murdered emerging from a White House meeting. President Trump this morning that we ought to give them a few more days. Secretary of state Mike Pompeo says the US will wait on investigations by Saudi Arabia and Turkey on what happened to writer Jamal kashogi looking forward to that rubbing up quickly. His says the US hopes to complete picture will emerge on what happened new this new treasury. Secretary Steve Mnuchin says he will not attend his investment conference in Saudi Arabia. Many other media and business leaders have been backing out of their plans as well. Cured central Florida water samples taken off provide county beaches test positive for red tide. We've been following the algae bloom creeps up Florida's Atlantic coast and state health officials now confirm red tide is off the Bavard county coast Carini umbrellas can kill marine life. It causes skin irritation and respiratory problems for people like a smokeless powder up, and you just kind of like that test results show medium to high levels of red tide off India Atlantic, CoCo beach, satellite beach, and Melbourne beach. Darrell Moody, News ninety six point five WDBO, a shark found dead on Vedra beach has Saint Johns county leaders warning people at the beaches about littering, the six foot shark washed up on shore with a plastic brim of an old hat, wrapped around its neck and Gilles, Saint Johns county parks and recreation shared the disturbing photo on their Facebook page saying that this is another example of how plastic debris is a global and local threat already the ocean holds five trillion plastic particles across the world animals big and small are adjusting those and how. Eventually ends up inside our own bodies. It is poisoning all of us experts estimate that by twenty fifty there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish. Samantha Jordan, news ninety six point five WDBO. That's something to think about all. Right. We said it before we got to say it again, the Orlando Magic start off the new season on the right foot beating the Miami Heat last night in their home opener rookie Mohammad baba scoring thirteen points and getting seven rebounds veteran Aaron Gordon scoring twenty six points. The final score the magic one for the Miami Heat one on one the Miami Heat are back at Amway center tomorrow night, playing the Charlotte Hornets and another update on Florida's elections. Recent filings show governor Rick Scott pouring, millions of more dollars into his Senate campaign. According to filings posted by the federal elections commission. Scott has ported other eighteen million dollars into his campaign to unseat democratic incumbent. Senator Bill Nelson governor Scott has contributed almost twenty nine million dollars of his own money since announcing his run in April, his personal donations and outside fundraising raised nearly fifty. Five million dollars F E C records show Senator Nelson's contributions totalling about twenty three and a half million. And that Nelson has now contributed any of his own money to the campaign. Tony marino. News ninety six point five WDBO, Scott. If the latest polls prove anything, it's that the Scott Nelson race and the Guillem to this race are both neck. Right now gonna be an interesting day on November sixth isn't it? Is it really is? And we are your election headquarters here on news ninety six point five WDBO teams.

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