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The way he approaches his tennis, you often hear about how great athletes become motivational speakers in their post career. I sometimes think, really, does every sport always apply to life and often I don't think it necessarily does, but not in this. He's so straightforward, isn't he? He's just, he's got enough about him that he just thinks, well, I'm just going to put it in. Every single point. And if I lose or lose, but at least I give myself a chance and here he is. He's still into the next round and now playing Dan Evans. Next. Yes. And I think, you know, I mean, that matches today. This is going to be out of date tennis news very quickly and I may look an idiot, but generally that feels like a better matchup for Nadal than corda. Evans, Evans can't, for example, take the back hand on in the way that corda did and cause Nadal a lot of trouble. One thing Katherine said on the prime coverage a sort of silver lining for cord, a little bit of good news is that he doesn't have to be seen seen in public wearing those shorts again. This week. It's a rough look that, isn't it? I mean, the shirt's not bad enough. It's a kind of brown tinge to it. It looks like they've kind of just been flashed over a flame for a few seconds and got a bit of singing. But for it to be on the shorts. Yeah, it looks like something else. Well, yeah. You can probably imagine what we're getting at. How they made it through what I imagine is a sort of detailed design meeting with some of the great fashion minds of the world. How those shorts made it through. I have no idea. Rafael Nadal, by the way, is withdrawn from Miami. Not a huge fan. That was before he played chord, wasn't it? That we heard that he wasn't on the interest list anymore for Miami. And I mean, I haven't heard what he said about it himself, but I imagine it's just, you know, something's got to give somewhere. If he's going to have a proper run at the French Open and the whole and lucky, he never takes shortcuts in the clay court season, does he? He will play Barcelona. Monte Carlo, Madrid, Rome. He will play the lot on his way to Roland Garros, and something has got to give somewhere. Yeah. I kind of be surprised if he ever played Miami again. That surely is going to be his window to get ready for the clay. From now on because, you know, look, he's done a lot of winning already this season. Absolutely. He's won the Australian open. It's been an amazing start to the year, but still the clay is his time. And he's going to do everything that he can in his power to be as red as he possibly can to attack that clay court season. Let's have a bit of brick corner now because those first couple of days were really illuminated by the sheer number of British players that were playing. I think there was something like 8 players in the drawer at the start. Several players qualified like Katie balter, we had Liam broady as well and Harriet dart, who still in the draw and she's having a fantastic run at the moment. She qualifies she beat Anna konyu. She then beat a Lewis fertile and then last night, kaia kanepi to reach the last 16. I mean, that's quite an achievement for that. These are results that she hasn't tended to have. I think that puts a just inside the world's top hundred now at the end of this tournament as a direct result. So she carries on. And I suppose last night, if we'd have started the night and said, right, how many British players are going to be left after tonight in terms of the three that are playing, there are further ones playing tonight. I'd have thought emira kana would have made it through, Andy Murray might have been a 50 50 and I don't think I would have said dart would have won. So I got it completely wrong. Because we're out of Cano after beating Caroline Garcia in three sets a couple of days ago. She ended up facing Petra martic of Croatia last night and served for the match at 5 forum in. That was a brutal match between the two. It was really something to behold. And she faded kind of physically. I mean, she's come into this tournament without much preparation. She'd had an injury coming in. I think she did pretty well to get to this point. Personally, she was then followed onto the court by Andy Murray, who has beaten 7 6 6 three by Alexander bublik and he had multiple set points in the first set to Murray. He really should have won that opening set and the set point I saw. I mean, the ball from public literally landed on the sideline, and it Murray just sort of watching it and you get the sense that he's just praying for it to go out and then as soon as he'd lost that set, it started to go the other way, a pretty dramatically. Now, Catherine was courtside, she's been interviewing the players, the British players right off the course at the end of the match, so she was sort of perched, courtside. And can give us a bit of an insight into what it was like, watching radar Kano and Murray in action from court level. So watching emirati car new up close, I realized over the course of the two matches I've seen her play this tournament and the two matches I watched her play in Australia is just so enjoyable and I say that taking the British factor out of it as far as I possibly can. I genuinely do watch enjoy watching her play as a tennis player. She's got, you know, she's gloriously stylish. She really is, she's got so much range and. Creativity to what she does. I love watching her figure things out. I was actually sitting right below torban belts, her coach today, watching her match against Petra martic. And he wasn't on court coaching her or anything, but you know, he was shouting words of encouragement as we all know that coaches do and what he was shouting was you've got this, you can figure it out. And I really love that. I loved, you know, he was incredibly encouraging and bringing a lot of positive energy, but it was also you're a grown-up, you're an adult, you can, you can figure this out for yourself. And I think she, I think she takes a real pride in being able to do that. Look, she didn't win against Petro martic today. I think she got a bit nervous and tight, and I think the lack of matches is making her a bit inconsistent in matches. The level is there when she's hitting her stride, the level the U.S. open level is absolutely there, but she's unable to sustain it. You know, just when you think she's in control, it suddenly goes off the boil, you know, she was well in control against martic today, but she just needs to, I do believe that will come. If she can just get matches under her belt somehow, but watching her in full flight is so enjoyable and she has this really quiet intensity. About her. And it actually makes me realize how flat she was at the end of last year, post U.S. open, you know, and she came and played Indian Wells in October and played those indoor events in Romania and in lintz, I think. You know, she wasn't quite herself, very understand and understandably, but she's really brought the intensity here. And that's a real pleasure to what she's an elegant tennis player. And a creative one too, and yeah, it really is good fun to watch. In terms of Andy Murray, I actually didn't see his match against Alexander bublik today from courtside. I watched a lot of it on a monitor that was breaking up. Due to being surrounded by trees, one of the many hazards and quirks of working in television. So it sort of watching about half of every point. I think played really, really well, and I think Andy Murray will be raging about not taking that first set tiebreak..

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