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So you're right about that. Yeah we could. I just wrote all day about it all night about that but yeah so absolutely i mean. I'm glad you brought that up. Because it was. I considered too and like in thinking about why left. My listed probably is a bias that i have for like. How great is the individual player. That did it. So i loved it. He's on your list actually since he's Right before you give me your next game. I just want to say that. I watch this game My wife and i went on a little mini vacation. That wasn't really a vacation. We went to florida Last week or two weeks ago whenever this game was To stay at my in-laws just bought a condo and on santa bell island so we had this place to ourselves like overlooking the ocean. so beautiful while My wife had just gone to bed and We just gotten there. I think that day or the previous day and I'm pretty sure that there were two. There were three games that night and two of them were on either turner. Espn and was on mba tv. The nuggets blazers was on the nba tv. This condo did not have in dat. So i watched it on my phone and was just cackling canadian. I was laying down on a couch Just holding the phone up over my head at midnight or whenever it was just like hallucinating. Like maybe a drowned earlier in the day. And this was heaven. Me just watching damian lillard on my phone hit ridiculous shots like i. It was it was. It was like a spellbinding performance. that was i'll just i'll never forget that. Yeah no i was doing the same thing. I just laughing like an idiot watching the game because the shots were just like they were hilarious at a certain point like it made it at a certain point it just went beyond all reason like what he was doing and got progressively crazier and those are the of performances. I think that like belong on this list and my pin so hit us with your next one. Chris sure so. I think this would actually goes outside of what i just said. As far as like how ridiculous it was is. But i'll i'll give it anyway. Just because i think this one actually has more potential be overlooked and others in a loss and series loss which i think is probably the more the bigger staying for him. lebron's game. One in two thousand eighteen the catholic. Jr smith dribbled out the ball. I mean it's never to. Is it okay. so so. we're on the same page. I mean this dude almost had a fifty point triple double in game. One of a finals were like pretty much. His team was thought to have no real chance. They did end up having a chance. But only because of lebron. I mean let me see if i have it pulled up. I think as far as the numbers with it like let's see so he got twenty one from kevin love but kevin love was one of eight from three. The team was ten of thirty seven from three and lebron lebron was three of seven so basically the rest of the team was what worse than twenty five percent from the field from three fifty one eight.

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