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You think we have that well memorized by now would you yeah phone lines are open just the inside outside guys are W. J. R. remind everybody during the week if you hear something on this show as you're driving don't take a chance to write it down while you're driving you don't even have to pull over yesterday back Kelly gives a call and mentioned an air cleaner that people can install install the furnace we had a plea for emails yesterday and the air cleaner really quick tells us it works that's exactly what we're talking about if you hear something on the show a your attend rated down all you have to do is send us an email and we'll make sure we get that information to you I get a resource to you that we try so Chuck we're talking clean clean air yeah we've we've gone over the changes in the house but what about you know clean around the house with some of the most important things that people should clean around the house we had we had many emails about carpeting noticing around the edge of their carpeting and a notice in the middle after gaining lines and they don't understand why that's happening but that has to do with two things number one how tight the air is in number two keeping the house clean is that fair to say yeah I think if you got a good tight house then it's easier to keep the air clean but when you've got what you're describing that literally means air is moving in and out of your house in an uncontrolled fashion because you got gaps cracks like you and I was talk about it carpets filter in exactly top of the filter so I mean everyone that I was doing it yesterday because I know my house is very tight but I was taken our vacuum just the one that I was back in around it the edge of the room down by the base your baseboards it was thirty year there was more does those areas and that's why because it's got a filter in those areas yeah we've got lighter carpets are member years ago years ago where a builder of higher in homes in Ann Arbor told me he got a complaint call from a client that recently moved into one of their new homes they had white carpets and they were convinced that that dark line around the baseboards was a sign of mold growing underneath the carpets and so they ripped up their carpets and didn't find any mold but were positive they had an attorney told him to move out of the home and call the builder all my gosh it literally that's what it was and it was later proven to be that but yet this builder went to hack in a lot of money and a dissatisfied client it was all a result of air moving through the spaces of gaps in cracks which means he built a tight hold me could have done a darn thing about well he arguably you can one of the things we learned so think about the baseboard there the outside wall yes you've got about seven to ten joints there you've got two by four a two by four floor joist and two by four ply wood on top of floor choice to buy for a top of plywood to buy for a topic to buy for so you've got a whole bunch of joints there if those aren't sealed that would that would gross and and and shrinks over the seasons every year sure so everyone of those gaps could be amplified or closed depending on the time of year are you talking more of brother Bob played area with how many floors up any floor of the house in the city yeah so and that's where the carpet is right so because we have so many of those gaps and cracks what we learned is when you build a house you can literally put materials in there and use higher grade materials to minimize the opening and closing of each of those gaps okay some some builders will will have professional companies come in and just **** everything or or shoot foam in those gaps once the house is framed right you know that's one way you can do it some companies will literally as they build a house put gasket materials at every joint though so your real high and energy efficient those are the ones that have less creek sing yeah this Greek soon less and some will use all man made materials so instead of using up a regular stud in a wall they'll use a manmade stud because a man made studies more dimensionally stable it ball rolling shrinking flower like like regular studs well so there are things you can do it's a question of you know what do you want to pay for the house exactly exactly because once it's there he couldn't every once it's in there is probably with ally he's gonna be able to get a strip deciding off I'll tell you you know some people can do his **** to if you've got a you know a ceramic tile floor in a wood base sports it on top of that a really high and **** yeah I was to meet yeah well actually shut off a lot area you see how your **** even if it is a high end **** **** is one of the cheapest most be fishes beings you could do for your hours so right just by going around with eighty five or ten dollar to the **** and making sure you do everything truck just said you see all those areas so we're going to continue talking about that but in the meantime we're gonna take the phone calls at eight eight eight six five four four eight nine seven let's talk to Mike in Plymouth good morning Mike your I'm with the guys good morning does how.

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