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Freshman much more data available for students coming to school than we did five ten fifteen years ago, we have much better science that helps us understand. What are the best predictors of college success all those measures are being looked at incorporated by admissions offices throughout our California Public university? So it is it is a growing trend. Oakley says you see in Cal State schools have already begun to reduce the importance of SAT ACT scores in the admissions process. Nasa says appropriate launched into deep space more than forty. Years ago is now approaching the edge of the solar system. It knows that because Voyager two is still sending back data JPL near Pasadena and its latest readings in a game that it's about to head into interstellar space during its active mission that flew past Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune its sister craft Voyager one entered interstellar space six years ago because it's flight path was shorter the family of the late USC in charges. Great junior. Ceos reached a settlement in its lawsuit against the NFL. The family contended say Al committed suicide in two thousand twelve at age forty three because of brain injury sustained while a pro football player lawyers for the family filed a notice in federal court to dismiss the case. Details are being kept confidential post mortem study of brain concluded. He had suffered from CTE a condition caused by repetitive brain trauma in its wrongful death suit family accused the NFL of negligence. We have a crash on the north in Hollywood, extravagant three minutes. It's one forty two..

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