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The week water head to trout really scattered they want and ganged up in any one place but we up in every spot that we went to i would think this little bit of a cool down hasn't changed the water jet just too much so gbi sorta scattered you know it's gonna get warmer later next week to that might help the out a little bit will might be up to close up to eighty by the end of the week fear of a warmer temperatures being warriors they are our colleague during the week by in anywhere from twelve feet of water in my poncho train bagged water toward week where god windy i was fishing into the marshall they by you'd be uh uh area john trip underneath in court kachin redfish bath stuck with trump so that's a big difference stem water you know from two feet to twelve feet so at pretty scattered very good what are you hearing didn't go first hand to biloxi marsh i didn't have a boat go to blow up to mars captain comedy uh ran a trip to the biloxi marsh for two days he came back with fish an speckled trout tides falling when you get there and just gets lower as the day progresses some of the main by use and that's where he deep award is uh when at water runs out of the bars you know they kind of forced to be in deeper waters so he did the majority of his catching in deeper water very good anything else you can pass along the fishermen that may be had an hour what do you think is tied to strong the to do anything on the needs wrigley's bridge or some of the other deep passes our quake really moving straw it would evoke a bar we had some foot ties during the week.

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