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Like you've watched television in like the does a great chance that he played a crucial role in like one of the The show is that you enjoyed name. He's in the sopranos for one episode. When i forget what's the characters name when he's hiding away because he's about to be taken out. I think it's a real jackie son. Oh remember when. He's playing chess against his daughter. Oh my god. Here's michael kenneth williams. Yeah michael kenneth. Williams is the daughter's father so it was like omar escaped to the sopranos. What the hell that's crazy. It's a crossover but you know. I mean fifty four years old man too young. He had maybe thirty. Maybe even forty more years of acting in him and sometimes you see a lot with these actors that they don't break out as leading men sometimes until they're in their late forties or fifties. Look at bryan cranston. Right was until he was fifty two years old that he became data on a sitcom exactly. Yes so they were potential there for him to to find some more great roles to give us more conic performances and it's a tragedy man but he is someone who will be immortalized through the work. He did onscreen. I'm we will always continue to talk about him on this podcast because he's easterly one of the goats Let's move onto the next door here. We have our first look speaking about goats. neil from the he's back. I look at the matrix for first images. It was like a teaser trailer with split-second images of things happening in the world of the matrix. I have no idea what this movie is going to be. However that final shot of neo walking through a crowd cameras back long hair. Get the shot of him looking at him. he's he's cut up looks. Don't ready for radio fucking dumb. It does. I can't wh- no i can't i can't wait to rewatch the matrixes good. I didn't realize how good to someone's wasn't those movies like now they're like you look back at least myself because i was never into movies like that. We're like you look back and actually watch the movie. It looks like an insane. What's great about these images is that it feels like that old movie but it has been updated similar to blade runner. Twenty forty nine same universe high resolution played on uh flex. Now i saw what twenty forty nine not a regular. One hopefully doesn't have that narration. Yeah i was actually wondering what cut it was. I saw quickly. I'm like it was like ten o'clock and again the bladerunner right now. Ten o'clock that's a seven fifteen movie. Yeah i thought about it but I watch on catch the ten in tempe really terrible over the last fall. I couldn't stop watching. I always like what a movie. Yeah yeah like i am excited to revisit this world because it is such a as remember those days meant matrix took over the the world. Oh yeah dude. Just the impact references. I'm sure like if it was came out today. Like just the memes that would have came from that or like the cultural impact would have been would have had like social media was around it kind of had that feel like where it was something that everyone knew about or talked about during those. Those during those years stole the phone. Everyone slow motion ben like everyone got that reference. Oh yeah that's time it's almost..

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