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You're listening to America's first with Dr g. Welcome back, America. Yes. This is America. First with me, Sebastian Gorka, former strategist to President Trump and author of the book why we fight defeating America's enemies with no apologies. And what a day of guests. What a day Sarah Carter Kanka Klaus ski Andy McCarthy. And now none other than the president of that organization that does more work than most of the media combined, which is of course, Judicial Watch and Tom fit and Tom welcome to America. First. Hey, Dr case, thanks for having me. Thank you for coming. Follow him on Twitter at Tom fitting, f- ITT, O N, Tom. I it's hard to keep track of the developments in the story of the deep state every day. We get more and more details of of what Obama holdovers of the DOJ FBI and the CIA would doing right now because you're talking to more than three hundred stations and affiliates across the country. What is the most important thing that Americans should know about recent developments, Tom Felton? You had top officials at the department of Justice and the FBI seeking to overturn. Presedential election attack, the heart of our Republican form of government by taking steps to overthrow the president. Because of many reasons, but most of the at one at the time was they didn't like the idea that he had actually exercises powers president to fire their quality FBI director James Comey. So this is a dispute about personnel decision that the president had liked today. And if the Justice department of the FBI top officials started conspiring against and overthrow and as a result. And that's what we're talking about a coup of seditious conspiracy sedition is the legal term for conspiracy to overthrow government. And it continues in my view to this day. But. Sixty minutes. We'll tell you what happened on TV screen, but you have the number two official the FBI actually, the then acting FBI director admitted to his involvement this activity, and and it's up to us Sebastian just the call. Like, it is because the media will never tell people distracted Republic. It's staring us in the face, Tom. You're you're not a historian, but you're fighting government corruption day in day out. I think in American history of a precedence for for this story about the twenty fifth amendment and a bunch of bureaucrats trying to take down a duly elected. President can you? No. And I thought about it. Yeah. Been anything worse. And there really hasn't been certainly this kind of the state apparatus wasn't her. Now, the nineteenth century that could have been abused. This way. But now, we have these mega agencies that see themselves as laws until themselves independent of the executive branch in many ways, constitutionally speaking, they think they can do whatever they want even if it means targeting the president of the United States, as I know for species reasons now that we have a new attorney general as of last week what needs to happen immediately with all these individuals and all the others who are still in place. I did the challenges the successor Muller investigation. And I said so Sasser about it's a successor to this conspiracy. That we've been talking about it rose at the Muller appointment arose out the same conversations that the catering lungs and started having about overthrowing phone wire to the Oval Office initiated abusive investigations happen. Came out of that the Muller's investigation. So the least we need to curtail that put a stop to it. There is no loss of collusion. So it's not like, you're. Nevada legitimate inquiry. And and then do serious criminal investigation of what went on at the FBI in jersey. Authority and power year and as long as Mahler's operating because never going to happen because the ball is special counsel operation. That's what my the partners Inc. To investigation. Misconduct and the and the. Sake investigative data that was generated by the deep state targeting. President Trump prior to that candidate Trump. Let let me ask you a question that divides experts and commentators, I have a certain opinion about curious to hear yours. Should the DOJ? Now that we have a new attorney general do this with the capacities the mandate. It already has. Or are you a fan of a nother special counsel a novels another special prosecutor being impanelled to look into the specific corruption of the Obama years or is that a is a dangerous decision. We can have the Chicago PD investigated. Tom be serious. You know, I I think the attorney general's gotta do the work here. And we can find a competent US attorney to do an investigation. You could have. Another agency and do investigation Marshall service come in and do it. I just don't believe the FBI were senior leadership at the O J. And it's not say anything about Mr. bars expand due to the show, but those agencies at the top levels or just so quarter-sized. I don't see how they could fairly and honestly do investigation here, but require outside support. But we have that games played out before. So. Something's gotta be done though. Sap's got to be. So you think another agency should be brought in. Hey, always thought the Marshall service. I should've been gone as soon as we stand out about what struck was up to his insurance policy and tax with Mr.. Page, and then the hiding of that information to structure that information. They should have the US Marshall service come in and take over and do a separate investigation of the FBI's Appalachians, and do they have the US Marshall service have the requisite investigative capacity to go deep into the corruption of the DO, Johnny FBI. You betcha. It's a service that has a long history much longer than the FBI service to my country in terms of. Wow. Great idea. Interesting idea you heard it here from Tom fit and follow him on Twitter at Tom fit, an F ITT. Oh, and he is the president of Judicial Watch which every day. I can't keep up with the latest things that you have managed to achieve in terms of your suing the US government. Your foia requests, you're uncovering of Clinton corruption. Truly stunning I say. I've said it before I'll say it again, there are very few institutions in this nation that are crucial to the survival of the Republic that are outside of government and Judicial Watch is one of them support them if you can you've got to support and be a member of the NRA you've got to support the Heritage Foundation. And if you care about the next generation, you've got us appeal turning point USA, those four organizations together are on the front line of.

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