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And then that night sends me a tweet and says happy belated. Brett Brett is a Brett is a gym just an absolute gem that the world will never know. And it's unfortunate. It truly is unfortunate. Because Brett Anderson is is easily. What am I all time favorite teammates, just based on the level of bitterness, and the level is the level of dead pan and the level of he just? You have no doubt in your mind when he walks into the room that that is the most miserable dude on planet earth. Like nobody hates being awake. More than that guy. He just kind of gives you that feeling and it's fucking hilarious. I love him for it. It's quite quite quite bull squad. You there? Dallas. Dallas 'cause you recommend a meal kit delivery service for me by any chance jer. I'm glad you asked because with all the traveling shift that I gotta do I'm back and forth between here in the bay area. I got a lot going on. And I am the individual who does all the cooking at home. Sometimes I'm fucking tired. Sometimes my body is weary, and I don't want to do all that bucking legwork. So what do I do? I go out to go out to the fridge in the garage and box that hellofresh. Ooh. Ooh. It's phenomenal. They drop all this fresh produce. All this premade prepackaged shit on my doorstep. And it's a matter of my lazy ass opening it up putting it on the stove waiting about that thirty minutes and in crushing dinner afterwards. It's home cooked meals made about as simple as they can make it. Hellofresh makes conquering the kitchen a reality..

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