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I'm gonna ask you a question in a moment, but take it. Oh, here's a fly ball to right field off the bat of Rene Rivera Hunter Peds. Luckily is right there to make the catch around. Number one. I guess anybody could ask either. One of us is this question, but You're the play by play man now Adam Duvall, 25 year old First and third baseman out of the Giants farm system, and he's always display power in the minor leagues today brought up to the big leagues for the first time. What were his key numbers, especially the power numbers with fresh known this year. I think the key number is that home run total. The true power measures. Ian Kennedy, the pitcher takes Ball one from Linthicum. Would you not agree, guys? A home run hitter? That's the first question Well, Hominy homerun. This has he hit 23 so far this year, there's Ball two to Kennedy. Leading the Pacific Coast League, which is a good hitters league and lots of guys hit lots of home runs there, but 23 is a big total first half of the year. Here's a swing and a high pop up shallow centerfield panic going back. Comes Blanco to call him off. Panic peels away. Blanco makes the catch down. Also Hitting well for batting average 2 97 with a 3 60 On base percentage and an O. P s. 9 80 Who good O ps Good ops, So Adam Duvall and Duval is already on the 40 man roster. There's a curveball too. Will Venable the slow curve by Lincecum Standard 73 miles an hour. I wonder when the last time we saw a curveball at that velocity,.

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