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And we'll get the nfl. We'll have a big season taking vegas dot. Com is good is there is and he's fun because he's going to you analysis and then the gambling part and when they both come together. You make a lot of money and that'll happen. I don't guarantee it. But i'll tell you what twelve and to last with their. Nfl picks documented matters. Chris great stuff. I don't doug pike's go nuts go down to those and everybody else here and I love you brother. Thanks for having great great to see you appreciate it and thanks for the gift. I hope i don't hit them in the water. Appreciate it chris. Dougie thank you bud. Hey tyler are you a guy say. Call me on the dry fleas all right. Thank you chris tyler. Are you a gambler. I know you're going there. But i mean we've talked about this before but do you. Would you gamble more if you made more or whether you pick games or if we had it easier access having. Where's your thought on. I'm not talking about black talking about sports betting cause it's become huge and i'm into it and he's really good. If we had sports betting legalize here in texas. I would definitely be doing it a lot more. Obviously doing it responsible. You like maybe only a couple books here. A couple of bucks there had always bet responsibly. No question about it well. I think it's fun i love. It gives it gives me a reason to watch games. That i normally wouldn't watch so i i thoroughly enjoy. I would definitely be betting more. Aren't we hypocritical. As a state and this way shape or form aren't the texan sponsored by. Don't they have an sponsors. An endorsement with caesars entertainment. Yeah we don't have sports gambling. Legal here it. Caesar's i know for the texans by going on their app or something. yeah but what. I'm saying it's critical. It's hilarious state. I mean they can smile. Neural louisiana still hasn't having the night there is now the caesar superdome right. And what are they gonna start throwing kiosks in there. It's only a matter time. But i would like it more so title. You're finishing on your gambling stuff. Yeah so honestly if there's one and this would be a very long shot but i don't think it would be a bad bet to maybe throw twenty bucks on just because i'm really excited to see what he can do in that offense. Maybe twenty bucks on matt ryan for. Mvp look sticking with the home team being home. What a home. But you know what we know. He's a numbers machine no matter who plays for him. Exactly offense offense is going to be the best offensive scheme he's had since kyle shanahan. And what did he do couch on the mvp. Exactly and arthur smith. We'll arthur smith's really good. He just is. We'll come back and discuss. Mci stick around for the ten o'clock show. Yes i'm here until noon today. Gonna to wh why he got stood. We had to move things around. We've got some people at the sniffles. Right little yeah call a little travel whatever it is but hopefully they'll be back in but mc l. You youtube you got this big us carrying it on. Will you'll have a blast. Yeah i mean two hours worth and gosh income in. But apparently he's still sleep now. Apparently you know. Apparently he ate something last night. That's not sitting although well. Well the whole bunch of people that substance it cold little met. Hey ross it's called a.

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