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On. Garay's mother always had answers until one day her brother in Dari to Astra question she had no answers for. Why doesn't Gari go to school at the time? It was uncommon for girls to get an education especially in rural families. School was expensive. Girls were needed to help around the house. That was what one Garay's mother had done as a child but these did not feel as sufficient explanations for not sending her daughter to school so instead of answering her mother thought it through when Gari is a girl so what that didn't mean. She couldn't study so she found the money to pay for when Gary School and when Garis new adventure began. She was better at school that her brothers had been so. Her family decided that she should go to boarding school and get a better education school away from her mother and family. Would she feel lonely or bored? It was a big scary change but it was reeling to like walking through the forest dust when Gary Patrick. Three dresses in a small wooden box and off. She went boarding schools. Fun and when Gari became the best student of her class after primary school she was accepted into a good high school. Outside Kenya's biggest city in high school. She thought I will learn more about chemistry and biology. There is so much I don't know about plants and animals when Gordy graduated high school with flying colors and rushed home to enjoy.

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