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Ended in this spectacular fireball. The goal was to shoot the starship eight miles above the earth and bring it down for landing, but it burst into flames as it hit the ground. Space, ex CEO Elon Musk says Despite the fiery ending, they still got all the data they deeded. This version of the starship is a prototype of the vehicle that space X hopes to use to carry people. To Mars. And right now we're following breaking news. One of our come on news photojournalist just arrived in this crash scene into coma. You can see what appears to be a small SUV that drove right into an apartment or a house of some kind. There. This is a 49th avenue and North Point way. We're working to get more information. How this happen if anyone was hurt, But you can see there is quite a bit of structural damage to the front of that. Structure there that building whether it's an apartment. It looks like it might be an apartment, possibly a home burrito work. Get more information. Bring it to you live right here on Come on news. Alright. Let's check back in with Children live in the weather center. We're starting to get used to this December. Gration? Yeah, and the chill right? It's cold out there tonight and a little bit foggy, too, which is a little bit of a downer because there's so much excitement about potentially Seeing the northern lights for in many cases, what would have been the second time in 2020 remember the northern lights? The Aurora port paired so nicely here locally with comment, Neil Wise it back in July. It's partly story right now we do have some areas of pretty thick fog around the metro area, let alone all of the light pollution that comes with a big city. A few of you may be able to see the northern lights on the horizon. Looking north Looks like a much better show tonight in parts of Canada Remember their northern lights? So of course you do. Look to the north. You need to get away from the big city lights and again. We've had partly starry skies where we don't have fog, but it's quickly turning mostly cloudy out there. The wheeler family, though waiting for the show, drove all the way to Lake Shall lan No Northern lights yet but a beautiful showing of a starry sky. If they do show up there, they'll be able to see it. It's nice and clear there is to the Cascade Crest and beautiful purple e mochi way there is captured again around Lakesha lamb this evening on this side of the Cascades, not terribly murky in this particular camera, But there are little pockets of this really thick fog tonight. Ramparts of Puget Sound. It's 43 so it is chilly. It's definitely December. We've got nice light winds, helping to build that fog, nothing to stir it up with and a steady barometer. The weather holding pretty steady too. You can see the clouds. Though they are racing in. They've.

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