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I'm looking forward to it almost things about the possibility of a nothing nothing tied their dennis expand on that thought that was a sizzling lava filled hotic well you know i i grew up in that way in a so i would member the the lena saint match up of the pats gree and they were were horrible teams that those times i'm talking about like crystal chandelier chris beal chandler uh if it was just to bag just remember those days of nothing nothing football from the lincoln out can tho that's just you know a little flashback for me yeah i remember those amendments as well you are two dollars in billy why choose yards is not play it tonight this is a good match up arabic all right and there's no bags involved either by the way because when the saints were blamed bad they were considering the aides i like to stay in a division and talk about one or another robbery arrival within a division the in talking about the carolina panthers have you seen a difference in cam newton without calvin benjamin what is the outlook on to find a few weeks of the season right yo or in i'm became new known her in i of uh i have put up with his uh lack of thin that's the output all season long this is yeah i don't think i've seen much of a difference for me to say all you got to start m more all you have to fend jumped right now i have them at number twelve overall this week for fina theuse going against the minnesota vikings which scares me a little bit it was encouraging the feed him last week as he was a six pests overall quarterback a all with nice to touch down at minnesota i'm a little bit scared i think to be a top fifteen quarterback at best ray now but green bay tampa bay in elina after that i will but promising for cam newton but you'll have a bumping arose this.

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