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The Patriots improved to six and last night but do they have a potential Achilles heel on offense are former Patriot points out the problem and it's arson Shawn Watson I think when you look at the cancer chiefs their little their beat up on the office line we saw the patron Honolulu harbor with the leg injury Shawn Watson has the that's intere- Caesar that Patrick homes even has any kind of competition a note on Patrick mahomes forbidden practice both Wednesday and Thursday because that ankle injury suffered last night for me game on aggravated last week and this is something that's been since week one and you can pretty much count on being there the rest of the season but you know teams are going to have pressure I know he's still finds a way to do some addition was the word they use earlier these guys are Houdini and some other David Copperfield or something Adam what do you make of the the two magicians facing each other the need these are two great quarterbacks here and we're talking about the fact that this could be a future brady manning like match up. I don't doubt that that could be the case the situation where these are probably the two best quarterbacks newly Shawn Watson is Great Patrick Mahomes is that much greater my mind and these are two quarterbacks in dominate the League for awfully long time choosy looks like Brady Manning so we'll be no surprise if these two quarterback and field what about their pass catching weapons again focusing in on Sunday but I'm GonNa give the edge of the chiefs because a little bit more diversity both in terms of the backfield with Damian Williams it very effective fast catcher and of course this guy right here Kelsey arguably the best tight end in football right now miekel Hormann plenty of speed if they get tyreek hill back and there's a chance he could play on Sunday obviously he's the best receiver behalf on the roster not look like they'll have Sammy Watkins on Sunday Genn De'andre Hopkinson will fuller that's that's no slouch of a duo there but not as much production in the titans by his candidacy Damian onto the running backs I'm GonNa go with the chiefs running backs and it took us because I trust Andy Reid put these guys put these guys a situation where there one on one with a lot of people and that's where they can hurt you take in the passing game so I wanNA give the edge to the and city chiefs in this situation you've got defense I've got defense and no surprise here Suzie I'm GonNa go with the Houston Texans and plenty of focus has always on. Jj Watt who remains an effective player has dominant moments but I don't WanNa let this go on sick. Jj Watt is great. He's got a fellow defensive lineman not many people are paying attention to fit is also great. Dj Reader Defensive Lineman for the Houston. Texans has a chance to be guys thanks a bunch of money that nobody is talking about. Jj Watt is sort of the straw that stirs the drink offensive line should be able to get fresher patch homes who himself is not only gimpy but the offensive line for the chief is Adam reported earlier on this week they signed Stephan was new ski off the street they are ended up along that offensive line so Damian new defensive coordinator for the chiefs this season Steve Spagnolo how do you think they've looked so far have you seen an improvement still a work in progress we see what the top matthew brings he's very versatile he's always around the football but if the chiefs going to win the win offense because is this this chiefs defense still hold Chris Chris Jones the banged up I I don't think he's GonNa play in game he's God that has the Interior Pass rush is not in their boy it could be the floodgates opened on this on the sixty third run over six yard per carry allowing people to rush for like seven yards on ten carries the chiefs Butler not but you had mahomes ankles then maybe works for Detroit out here Damian's GonNa pick this one later in the show Seattle homes faces countdown we talking about this one the winless redskins hey the winless dolphins on Sunday this is a rough one espn has met called matchup quality which measures each game on a zero to one hundred the scale higher numbers indicate better matchups.

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