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Welcome everybody to Las ramblas. I have with me today Barbara from over in the Netherlands. Netherlands has a lot. So this was going to be a little bit different than usual. I'm not going to go through this that bought the other Barbers born and raised over in the Netherlands. So we're going mainly stick to what she already knows to help us give a better example in detailed description about some of the stuff. So Barbara real quick. Go ahead and let people know a little bit about yourself and what you do. Well, thank you. Will Jamie for having me on the show. I am both the transformation coach and an acupuncturist. I've warmed been born and raised in the Netherlands as you said, but I like to travel and work. So I'm more like a digital know Max and I help people who felt like they were weird or strange for most of their lives dog. Not only accept themselves, but also Embrace who they are become proud of who they are and then create a life for themselves that makes their heart.

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