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Of course that pick up that get get people's attention and not is four. Now, I'm not sure exactly what he meant cliff. But but what is the state of the quarterback position for the cardinals right now Josh are starter. I mean, that's the guy that it's been and will continue to be and we we love Josh. He's the top ten pick for this organization. For a reason I'm excited to work with them. You heard Steve talk about your earlier comments. And I do think it's important to give it context you were a college team facing his college team talking about the opposing quarterback, but put putting that aside if you were evaluating Kyla Marie at the next level. What can he bring to the NFL? He's a dynamic talent, you know, to be the quickest player on the field regardless of position, and then be able to drop back and and beach in the passing game as well. I just think the world is a player on the person having recruited them in the high school and know what he's about and things continue to prove people wrong at the next level cliff. What did you like to be at the combine when your team has the number one? Overall pick and you can look at all these prospects. And know that you could pick whichever one you want. That's exciting, particularly from me being the first time to know, you could get that player that changes the entire organization with that pick that that's a big deal in a fun time for organising also would say you've been here at the combine as a quarterback coming out. You've been here's a hiccups. What would you say to these players here this week about going through this process as it is enjoy the process? There's so many young men that would die to have this opportunity. I understand it's intense. There's a lot of pressure but enjoy it for what it is. And Phil blessed to be here and be a part of it. It's always interesting. What a difference year makes the quarterback class dominated the headlines last year. We were talking about these these five quarterbacks where they would go. Josh Rosen does land in Arizona. So now we have a year, right? We have a small sample size. But a year under their belt nonetheless. What's he what's the number one thing that Rosenhaus to improve on to be successful? It was a tough sample size just dealing with the injuries of front. Some injuries at wide receiver. So it was hard to tell exactly where we need to make strides, but I did see improvement as a season went on. And I saw toughness there some adverse conditions. We continue to fight continue to get up and stay in the pocket, and those are all things can build with. What did it mean to this team to get Larry FitzGerald signed to an extension to bring him back to work with presumably Josh Rosen? Yeah. That was incredible such a great role model for our team on and off the field. And just a great ambassador for game of all worked with so many great college quarterbacks cliff. Does it translate at all? I mean, you're sort of the CEO now a different type of operation, but I cannot experience help you in your new role. Yeah. I think so I think you look at Patrick success. And the way some of these other guys have played our Styler coaching is unique. We adapt to our personnel data or quarterback and wanna make sure that he's come to whatever system he's playing. And so I'm excited to get our hands on these guys feel we can do a lot of folks that we talking about your team will be. Talking about that first overall pick you will they'll be plenty of headlines. They will keep coming. So again, we know you're you're here. And it's a busy week. Thanks for being with us the commitment to the NFL that's been huge. But now some question marks at least in terms of what his plans are this week in color Maury and his camp have not commented on what they will. And won't do this week minder standing is. And nobody's confirmative. He's not likely to throw again. No official decision. We'll see maybe he does decide to throw..

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