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Whatever works easiest for you is what works for us if you want to donate to Justin Peters Instead of going to his website go to Justin. I win Dot Com. Because there's a link rate they are to his donation page and make sure in the comments somewhere just put comments in that say Hashtag Justin. I win you know so Just for fun. Just Justin really appreciate that if if you get that you have to go to justify win dot com to watch the video that explains it Let's see so here is a that's written to Andrew so To see forget more questions. Okay here's one I don't know and if you're able to give an answer or think about this facebook user says why did eakins family die also Because of his sin in Joshua's chapter seven so I don't know if you I'd have to get we hadn't fredge that's been yet had one have to go look that up so I don't get this one. I don't know who accusers. But it's like soap oper- Andrew so it's price only said earlier on the UK. Rosie says he indirect with Justin. Peters can you please speak regarding those. Who speak the prophetic word and we had that? Were already right okay. So did they they ask again or did we don't think we scrolled over Here we go. This is a funny one. I'll tell the story about this question and then you can answer but facebook user says what are your thoughts about France of Francis Chan in his agreement with the Roman Catholic belief of Trans Substantiation as men so the podcast Hud cast that drops. I think it's this Sunday. No no next Sunday next. We deal with our Muller and Social Justice and and I was trying to use an illustration there muller saying like liquid platform with. Look at where I've I've been and that should justify where he is now. Oh and I tried to come up with an example and I'm trying to think of an example of somebody who seemed solid years ago but isn't today and I just throw out. Francis Chan not realizing what was going on with Francis Chan so next morning I called Bud. Texted butter like Francis. Chan is agreeing with the Catholic. Nothing Church on on Lord Supper easing. Oh I thought you knew that. That's what you used him. As an example I went no but it makes the argument much stronger now so I knew you ahead of us on this. Because we saw short clip of Francis Chan told me metrics substantiation how it's the real presence in that kind of thing haven't seen Foale con the video of that sermon and full disclosure. I'm not saying that what I have seen as troubling greatly so but honestly I didn't even need that got to be troubled by Francis Shannon. I'm already immensely. Troubled by his partnership with an endorsement of Mike. Bickel IOM of you've been in Todd White Todd White is another one that is just so so manifestly obvious Of False teacher and Francis stand calls him a quote great great man of God. This is a guy who goes around on the street. Lengthening opening people's legs that's an old parlor trick and charlatans and been doing for decades He's an obvious false teacher in France sustain causing his brothers. I mean as kind of like with Michael Brown and all these others that he he won't call out and calls him is brothers. I mean if you think todd white is a great great man of God. I have no interest in anything you have to tell me about the Bible. None none none Kissel Ivan Ivan town is a two parter so after he'd this says hey guys love you both So it's fun to have you both on here. I know someone where their church has been using more hill. No Song worship They are specifically using ones. That are theologically accurate in lyrics example Mana Sarah's but it's really hard for this person to deal with during worship service any advice advice other than other than run. That would be my advice off the bat I wouldn't I wouldn't necessarily run from Church Church immediately. The first yes. That's true he'll saw would not do that. As strongly encouraged people and churches do not play Hilson. Music in your church. Do not play Jesus culture because these these things they come from false churches. They come from colts in even if some of their songs will pass a doctrinal smell test and quite honestly some of them. Do you know not all but some of them do It's very dangerous to sing their music because he put the lear example screen in the unsuspecting person sitting out there in the Pew. They're looking up Sunday morning reading the lyrics singing along and then they see in the fine print because they always lead legally amped this up there they see on the fine print music by Hilson. Oh also I think I'll check them out. They must be okay. We're sticking their music right and so they use their music as their own. Perverted form of evangelism absolutism. They use their music as as a hook to pull people into their false theological system so brother. If our you when I would I do I would go to. Leadership go to the music director the pastor. They elders and lovingly gently. Not In an accusatory way. Not Saying would is anybody watching Lovingly explained to him what Hill Song Years and You pinpoint him to have some resources. I can see it and ask them. Please don't sing this. Please please reconsider singing this stuff and hopefully Hopefully they would do so. You are actually coming in. You should come in. This is a live show where you're supposed to come in and ask questions or taking so Richard Story. Sorry says female pope I will use that. Love it To which. Kt says love. We Sary's and Radio Chris on holds emerged story story. They were Kinda half the team. There wasn't balancing the universe. Just Chris but Chris was doing that because I gave him a hard. I've been giving him a hard time as well. They they got consistent where they were doing sir doing weekly shows but they replay shows. I kinda got a little bit. And so he did show by himself to make sure that the first year they had a show So here's a question for Moreland Wilson. He's a with the Gospel Truth. If you listen to that It's a podcast and also. He's got a youtube channel. I've done us a debate. A couple of debates and interviews there So moreland says what would be a a approach to begin dialogue concerning word of faith. Nonsense incense I have many family members who follow different individuals. That are a part that are a part of this movement. Yeah thank you Marlin. Great Question. what I like to do with people start with something very simple and concrete just to kind of get a feel feel for where they are in their willingness to submit to God's word and I'll start with something easy like healing physical healing and I'll ask them they believe that it's always gonna be healed and they will inevitably say yes. Cosette the object in they don't show examples of faithful servants of God all throughout the Bible. who were not healed? who were sick and who were not? He'll Moses Executive Orders Eleven Elisha second kings thirteen indict of in the Orleans David several places Some some seventy one. The also Paul's Second Timothy wrote to Timothy Take a little wind your stomach and you frequent almost didn't they. Bustle ball himself. In relations for thirteen had a bodily illness flat out says he was. I am bodily illness and so then I ask them. What do you do with them? And so now the ball's in their court they're going to have to decide. Who am I going to believe this prosperity? Preacher this word faith guys and listening to or what I see in black and and white right in front of me inscription and generally. You're going to get one of responses. I enough had both. I've had people literally I show them these things in scripture in the have I've literally had people say I don't care what that says I know God what make people sick. My God wouldn't make anybody basic and I think well you're right. You're God what the the God of the Bible so if their if their heels are dug in if they if they refuse to have their theology corrected from scripture. Then there's no other card to play there's nowhere else to go after that You you talk about the weather talking about who the ball game but you can't talk about the Z.. Because they're they're not willing to have the record from description So so but on the other hand if you get a response something more like wow. I don't know I've never. I've never seen that before. I never thought about that before. You know if cents a bit some humility before scripture A willingness to bend their need to the truth. And that's what we hope to see this. What you want to see and you spend more time with that person digging deeper into the word of God in the nets as kind of what you're looking for is just a willingness to think for from that person to think? Wow maybe I do need to take a look at this. And that's that tells me that they're at least just willing to bend their need of scripture and which is a hallmark of a bully before we get to Andrew who came in. He's irregular Darryl asks a question there from the water we eat. What are we doing here? podcast who he hasn't been podcasting a while they'd been kind of busy with life about they have Some foster kids and so he asked this question. What will happen I will we drop it new episode of what are we doing here or new new decay grow? What what do you think? What's your prediction? I'm not serve as Tom Mind. Lord Willing I don't want to the Lord Willing. I'm hoping in about two weeks. Maybe sooner than that. I'm I'm hoping about. I'm going to bring Andrew through in Hello Andrew interest from Australia's injury. Hey so injuring. How are you brother the other two well unfortunately on from the hill zone side of things unfortunately the bread reflects Which has never sat? Well with me. I've never actually agreed with a lot of end. A lot of the Bethel stuff is what might actually things things to and I thought Dr to deal with the church with the Neil this end I guess some some of the songs we stopped seeing I think.

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