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Rough rough on made read it through so much and held onto each other through it all. It's not an option. I have any more and I finally accepted that after years of trying but I still so desperately crave the sister relationship. We had thirty years. Listening is therapeutic for me and I just wanted to say thank you. The podcast is something I didn't know I wanted but I know so desperately need lots of love. Wow well it's one of those things where you just sort of like. I'll be grateful. They now hold be grateful for your health or your hands will saying is is is the time that she had thirty years that she's had to accept and let go that it's different. Yeah and I think that it's something it again that we all struggle with acceptance that things change life changes. Sometimes he can't get it back. There's a lot of siblings out there and people who grow grow up. That probably like as Jeffrey said from the sibling affect the probably is best for them not to be have a relationship you know that might be too heavy heavy to play on the no way. I think it's important by the way that people even hear her story. You know 'cause because how many people are probably going through situations like this. Maybe there's some comfort there Whitney we love you. Let's see Hello Oliver. Kate Nice I got I got first billing again. Wins Wins Wins Wind. I am so so. Join your podcasts. Love you both professionally and your family from years of snippets into the wonder of your love for each other a mom the two boys and a motherless daughter since the age of fourteen my oldest is turning fourteen January and I've been struggling with knowing how to be a mother to him. I have nothing to use. An example for these teenage years being only child brings its own challenges to parenting siblings things so I really thank you for this podcast so interesting to hear about sibling relationships and I find it so comforting. That's interesting she's an only child but has multiple kids. Her mother passed away when she was fourteen. She has a daughter and doesn't really know what to do. I mean wonder what happened. I wonder if she she was ray who she was raised by for dad or I don't know but that's I have never thought of that. Actually I mean being an only child and then having multiple kids. It's sort of like. Oh Shit how do I deal with this guy and yeah and then on top of it. She has a fourteen year old girl and she's cheering. It's funny it goes back to so many so many people that I've talked to through the years sort of whether they be professionals nationals or a fourteen year old boy my spiritual you know guidance. Or what have you but I think in a moment like that. That's when your kids become your teachers and you have to like I. I mean I know that when I'm out of my comfort zone and something I look to the lesson I look to them to guide me. You know And I think that if you're tuned into that I mean clearly I mean as a mother you're not GonNa let at your kids get into the kind of trouble that you want. You're going to parent them but like understanding their dynamic is you're GONNA learn with them and it's just such a beautiful. What a beautiful healing life experience for for her? What about her fourteen year old boy? Fourteen year old boys boys and we were just talking about all you and I were just talking about middle school and so that would mean that. He's in eighth or ninth grade. She's kind of coming out of that. Really crazy I mean for me. Middle School was the heart is the hardest because kids are really trying to figure it out. It's kind of all over the place when they get into high school starts to kind of even out a little bit. You start to understand your your your friend group Sir your social story and your social circles but it's also when kids can really try to individual from their parents of if you have a challenging relationship with them they kind of start to push issue a little bit more again. I think if I was sitting with her right now I would say just always remind your kids that that's who they have like. We always talk about that like those are your siblings. When I'm long gone as she knows? How lucky are you that you always get to have your sibling? I never had that extreme. Had that experience so you know what a what a gift. She's given her dad's right fourteen year old boys teenage boys. It's it's a thing it's a real thing says from Nick. Hello excuse. My random subjects was my favorite pun. Idea a HA- anyways I wanted to thank you all I got. I bailing on this when Kate Oliver in co for doing the show. I can't express enough the gratitude. I have for the gift of honest sibling. Communication you've given my siblings and I am the oldest of four. We have two older siblings. Rulings we lost our died when I was eight. I can't take this stuff. I'm too motions sixteen today and I'm it's it's real life Saad. I'm not sad I'm happy. Saad.

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