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Get my hands on all. Great stuffs well Tell us about arthur nikai. He's an interesting character. An excellent reign of former member of the special ice unit and a native american correct. Exactly how did you come up with this character not to mention his wife. Who's a news reporter. I thought that was interesting. Please tell us more. Sure i mean i. I started thinking about developing i. I took a two week vacation out there. And i traveled the route. That's in the book. So whatever i saw one that way dictated into a tape recorder and came back and transpose. It all down. You know this sort of developing characters and backstories the characters and I stumbled across. I wanted to be different in a lot of ways and other writers out there writing about that and not not as far as police goes or whatever it may be you know. But i developed arthur nikai based on my love for our kalashnikov by the native american flute player. And at the time. One of my friends. Where i worked a million years ago. It seems like now Whose first thing with arthur. So i liked the way that rain together. So i use that they'll to character that As far as his. Wife sharon goes. I actually was texting back and forth in the mornings with one of the local reporters in the nbc station here and chicago and Wanted to ask her some questions about you. Know what you give up to have this life you have. I wanted to make her real and things that happen In their life once you have that job while things you don't get to do You miss a lot of birthdays. Anniversaries you're always on the air doing something you know so. She helped out a lot with that. And i developed that curator of the other ones of jake. Bill cody which is loosely based on my grandfather large barrel chested man. You know With that so i start molding these people into what i i have now needs really interesting the way your travels informed your fiction writing. So yeah i. What was the whole plan to do that. Because you know you can't just look online and find pictures and things and do things and men do searches. you have to be there. And that's what i found out a long time ago. I told on hillerman once at the her father helped me understand the importance of descriptive sentencing. You know surrounding sect place I think robert parker helped me develop a dialogue kind of conversations in books. So i use those along with that. I had to be there. You have the smell that you have to see to taste it and feel the heat feel the cold in order to convey that to the reader in the book and a lot of people who have read my books feel like they're right there in the situation in the area. I love that. That's the thank you want. Absolutely i do have to save the nine eleven and southwest. It's beautiful the area is gorgeous. It such a great place set a mystery in more ways than one. Oh yeah i just. I fell in love with that when i was in my pre teens. You know.

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