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Likes technical wrestling. Everybody likes comedy wrestling but death matches the one that gets the bad rap anyways because people sets because people like nick gage almost die boy promises to twitter for coming to the defense of eddie guerrero. Who honestly didn't he defend. Like we all know these amazing other. Many one also happened on twitter last week. But this is fed adjacent. So i am going to have to talk about something. That happened at money in the bank. But during the men's money in the bank match fe jackson. Who has the weirdest back and forth with biggie on twitter. Just tweet it out if biggie wins a leak minute here because she hates biggies so it was just like. I'll leave my nudes if he wins. This isn't happening. And the biggie one. She's off. Dan shin to be fair that i would do that too. I've seen people on read it. Who have said this horribly. Like this thing that's never gonna happen is going to happen or i'll shove a banana up my ass and then it happened and guess what that person did ram but the beauty of this is the fact that twitter started calling out. Fay jackson and i mean everybody on twitter. War was getting involved. Big us everybody to a point where sugar dunker ten finally said we are going to take you to court and they did exactly that they had a live wrestler's court on twitter through spaces where you had the judge who was tasha steals the prosecutor sugar dunk ten and the defendant big swollen. Was there meaning. Cedric who's probably listening as well. Sorry what was what was big swells. Defense i have to know. Oh no no like. They started getting into intense. Shit of just like no. You don't understand. This is the character. The this is what the character said. But you want this person to to put out a nude and possibly rectified. Their entire standing on twitter possibly get the account taken away and then sugar pigs should just kept coming back and getting angrier and angrier and it was amazing but they throw and can we so When can we expect these nudes. Oh no no. Unfortunately i guess. Fortunately jackson has been declared innocent should started quoting training at one point and that last great they broke spaces twice. They trended at number one on twitter. and during that d lo brown was there like just listening not even part of it. Yeah exactly your woods. Sunny kiss cedric. Leave abate soo young darius. Martin roberto rodriguez drake maverick high spots of official twitter account anna jay. Sean raw sep. Shane taylor booker t. Legend is allies..

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