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I would love to build a rhythm with this group. I would love to understand the spacing on the floor of the chemistry, the coaching staff organization, and get a feel for it full on. I actually have a good feel for it now, but it's a lot different when you're not playing. So yes, my goal is to get as soon as possible. Obviously I can't get out there next month. I am a little over 5 months now. And like you said, it takes about they say a ten to 12 months, but you know, my goal is a little bit before that. We're on a really good pace. I like where I'm at. But speaking of, like you said, the athletic system, you know, we talk about athleticism, given the fact that I'm one of those guys that doesn't need to be very athletic and my game is not built up. Athleticism. I don't need to, you know, I guess worry about, I mean, I still worry about retailers, it's not important to prevent that. But because of the fact that I'm not, I mean, I may try to block a shot or two or get some rebounds because I'm not a planet about the rim of a bunch and running a million miles an hour with the ball. I'm a corner to corner guy based on the baseline type of guy. Just make sure I got my lateral quickness back. I think it's easier for me or I'm able to get back to myself a little bit quicker than the guys that are jumping 40 inches in the air. And that are more athletic. But yes, my game is very simple and I think I can get there even before feeling like myself, but I want to be feeling like myself, but I know that my game is something that I don't have to be a 100% to be able to explode to play. As long as I can run, as long as I can slide, you know? Because I'm not crashing the offensive boards anymore. Thanks to Joelle. And I'm staying clear of that. And defense boards the box guys out, I think. But I don't have to jump as much of a block. I'm not taking risk as blocking any shots anymore. So it should be a pretty good adjustment. I should be it shouldn't be that as hard of a transition of when I'm ready when my leg is ready and strong enough to be able to play my game because I don't I'm not doing what y'all does jumping 40 inches in hang time and climbing people's chests. So yeah, I'm excited about it, but we're in a really good spot without giving up too much information. I think the other thing that's going in your favor too is just where you landed, right? This team won young, a lot of young legs to there's good depth there on the perimeter like you've had a career where for years, whoever the best perimeter player is on the other team, like you're often having to check

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