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Out so that is it is correct I've never seen what's going on right now in history never ever my entire fifty one years on this planet there's no pretense of crazy traffic and weather every ten minutes on the tense intense star heating and cooling products down the hill seventy one north is still heavy into the fairgrounds from an earlier accident we picked up another EMS is headed to seventy one south before one sixty one and looks like dots and police are off on the right firm here looks like a car may have left the road so the check on that accident scene couple others to keep an eye out for London Groveport road accidents senior Hoover in Grove city rich in front of downtown with an injury accident more frequently showing up on seven one south down the Grove city as well this report sponsored by farmers insurance winter means it's time to bundle up your insurance bundle home and auto with farmers and you could save an average of twenty percent call one eight hundred farmers to get a quote today traffic and weather every ten minutes on the tents for temp starts starters heating and cooling next update about four fifty I'm John Hill newsradio six ten WTVN ABC six first warning weather chief meteorologist Marshall joining us now and gonna be cold the next couple of days but man just a little quick here's a burst of winter and then boom back in the fifties and I kinda like it like that little does is it's okay it's kind of a spring preview yet again as we get into the later part of the weekend and early next week the boys a cold between here and there tonight we're looking at single digit wind chills the actual air temperature down about twenty two degrees we can hear the wind rattling the rafters here in the studios this afternoon a couple of flurries tonight and tomorrow morning tomorrow when you step out the door early in the day those flurries will still be around the window be howling and those wind chills are in the single digits on Friday afternoon a high near thirty two degrees Saturday up to thirty four and by Sunday we're crossing the fifty degree mark all right thanks Marshall it's twenty nine right now thank you for listening to the mark blazer shell so the CDC said this week it was really not a matter of if but when and they're actually even saying.

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