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We'll talk after here in for jalen rose we always say we the people they want on this show listening to the people you know getting there getting their voice as to be part of the show so they call ninety five eight zero jalen voicemails when they leave us voicemails they get on the show however somehow a prerequisite for getting on the show is giving reggie our producer shout out i don't know how this happened over time but it is and listen to the first voice mail i promise i'll get a shadow it's your boy walking up here in seattle washington you know bring back on it i had a question for y'all today i wanna say how did you it's honored be talking uv voicemail you one of my favorite people on tv okay so my question is i just saw nick collison and that's his retirement this morning from seattle old science fan i love the calls i got love that guy he's already has if you will so my question is do you think that the oklahoma city thunder the curse franchise that they are do you think they're gonna to be the first number they retire he's a lifelong guys the franchise with the sonics then moved with them to okay see they won't hold career franchise man that's big so what you think all right give the people what they want god bless them that's commitment nick collison tires number sorry.

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