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I could say something to dissuade you from that but you know i have to admit i came up much of an argument well i i to keep going back to it but it was such a cogent point i thought i think uh uh repeated that when you keep losing your style players in let's face it you've got to start with gene the games just aren't that's where i can never understand when people use the bowl irasinn when he came to drown or magic all this and you gotta have stop players even in the competition in order to make the games rally agfa which sport you're talking about you got to have some star players on the on the opposing teams john that you see people play at their best in i think what the nfl right now i take again this jerry jones goo jiaozhou as they going on and on rolling around on the floor arguing about they got bigger problems in that meanwhile jerry jones his teams going right down the tubes no elwi ah these guys are looking pretty prophetic on the fiend you take one running back and make that much well i'll tell you what they also lost her left tackle their left tackle was out without the left tackle dak prescott and elliot to hand the ball off uh looks like two very average quarterback was a great manager last year when they went thirteen in three exposed a little bit by the packers in the playoffs but uh there is nothing more uh more uh let's say let's put it this way i'm more appreciative when the dallas cowboys lose probably than any other team in national football league some you're not that i had walker yet uh i was at my mother's house in this no tv on the first floor uh it would be impolite on thanksgiving certainly endeavour risk to be running back and forth check out the cia charger cowboys scott are bottlenecks morning it was nice to know that the cowboys got crushed by the charges of lese wiping it makes it easier to make.

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