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To hear Thorson giving Larkin and Larkin is not going to get their slammed out of the thirty hill losing other yard and Akron defense holds and the zips takeover. L Jesse was the biggest play the game so far that was. Well, they do biggest play the game. And that one comes up empty. You. Can't get two yards in two downs. And the other thing is now you got the excitement here with Akron, Dr sideline there. Silence right in front of us here in the booth, and they now all of a sudden got a little bit more of oxygen and their tanks are all excited. Well, the first quarter they at thirteen plays for twelve yards of offense. But now they have it at the thirty yard line. Thirteen fifty one to go on the first half. Quarterback Nelson with Edwards. His right short drop. Now being flushed from the pocket cuts back to his left to penalty Barker calms down and Nelson taken out of the thirty five yard live by Patty Fisher, brought him down. There is a blackout holding against the zips holding offense number fifty three. Can you penalty from the previous spot repeat? I out. So the defense certainly don't think you can fault the way the defense is playing here so far. Absolutely. They've pretty much continued from where they finished last game. When they just basically shut down in the second half. And then that's that's been the narrative here these guys these guys came to play, and they're showing I in twenty from the twenty Akron moving right to left here, the second quarter and the gun Nelson. Gets the snap gives to add words. He goes nowhere. Gotta cross the twenty to the twenty one. All covered up by Patty Fisher along with. Roar the true freshman out Lincoln way, east to got it there and got a piece of that one brings up second out of nineteen one of the things that they're doing defensively the cats spying their quarterback Kato Nelson. You can see them hanging back at that second level to make sure that if he does get out of the pocket, they got somebody aware of him to set up a slot to the right side without ROY Williams. And Nelson looking over the middle. There's Korea Smith the catch at the thirty five at along down up at the thirty eight yard line. So it got the seventeen yards on that brings up third down to as Pat Fischer made the stop. So this is as close we'll see if they can widely convert a third down here. They're all for four third out. A tube is lot closer now. After that pass. Completion receiver did a nice job of finding the open hole in that defense. They were just playing zone coverage. And that was it. Good thrown. Nice. Catch is one of those twitchy guys your about newborn Williamson a slot to the right? The tide. Curtain to Edwards alludes van the backfield at Nelson takes it. Nelson. Moves it forward for the forty three. I slow zone. Read. Nice job read the defensive add bounced it out picked up the first down. That was a nice recovery. They're deepen their own mpm up. Nice there. And I in twenty after twenty there. I I doubt of the game to the forty three yard line JR pace made the stop on the quarterback Nelson. Burst out from the forty three eleven forty six to go. First half seven nothing northwestern toss to Edwards Edwards running lap. Edwards cuts it across the forty five and paddling. Powell is going to go. Let's see. There are multiple flags. Bryce Peterson the offensive line looked to be the guy. So let's see. This is just a crusher. It's so silly to there's way after the play he did it in front of his own bench. He did when he was two yards beyond the sideline after the play was over personal foul unnecessary roughness number fifty three offense fifteen yard penalty. It'd be second out Peterson our software offensive lineman from mccamley, California and. That's to push the zips back just when they have something go at they had some momentum. And this is but then again they've been in this situation. You're the second time on this drive. Its second in nineteen last time they completed a seventeen yard pass BELTRAN sands checks. They're running back. He's a junior from Fort Lauderdale who started one game a year ago. Nelson on second out of nineteen caps. Rush four they said sands in emotion. Again, there's move and Nelson can't believe it a grabs his helmet with both hands in frustration. He cannot believe it. False start offense number seventy two five yard penalty. Second out second out of twenty four. Now zips day that's a hundred in his first start was last week his very first start of his college career. And I'm sure that he's gonna regret. This little huddle is their charts. Timeout, Akron their first. Right. So a time I'll be on the field media time out eleven twenty six to go to the half, northwestern seven Akron, nothing back in a moment..

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