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Just wanna love goupil. Devil's coming tammy. Can you talk about. Seton peter. Steve is a patient of aids. You need to get her under control. Built you at empire you an empire some people. They're just hurting so bad. And you just need to love them. Wanna put my arm around but my arms around you. Tammy faye based on the trailer. The movies directed by michael showalter who also directed the big sick. He's really going for it. He is leaning into the campy absurdity of televangelism of their personalities everything that surrounded their rise to fame and fortune and the inevitable subsequent fall watching it. Today i thought about i tanya and i think obviously this is going for even more blatant comedy and dark humor than that film did but it may be thinking that film because here. They're taking someone who has mostly been a non entity in the zeitgeist recently. And whenever she is mentioned it's as the butt of joke and they're telling her side of the story and not for nothing again at least based on the trailer. The movie is going to suggest that poor tammy faye was driven to all that excess by her quest to just earn her mother's pride and affection which she could never get so. It's pushing her. And you heard this a little bit in that plot summary. It's pushing her little bit as a rebel as an iconoclast someone who despite all the ways we can laugh at her challenged the lack of compassion. And the right wing politics exhibited by people like jerry. Falwell who's played in the movie. By vincent off rio. I don't know why i'm skeptical. Maybe it's just because of my skepticism of televangelism josh. We'll see how much i'm buying. The eyes of tammy faye when it comes to theaters on september seventeenth. And for what it's worth. I will put an asterisk in my question. I did discover today. That jessica chastain put out a follow up tweet after the big story broke hollywood reporter and everything that she claims she's done irreparable damage to her skin from wearing makeup took seven and a half hours every day to put on. She tweeted the makeup artist for the tammy faye film are the best in the business. Don't believe click bait headlines misinterpreting me. They just want you to open their links. My skin hasn't been ravaged by makeup. Jessica chastain says so my question is based on a fallacy much like the religious lives faith of jim and tammy faye bakker and we'll we'll see what i think of the film. I'm very relieved to hear that. About jessica chastain skin and i think that the fact she's involved suggests yes there's gotta be a couple of more layers than even the trailer suggests to the movie that she would take on apart like this and i'm just fascinated because it does seem so you know a different direction from what at least i think of as jessica chastain performance or character so you will see all right. My number one question for the fall movie season. is there a way to wipe my memory of dune. Before i see dune geneva news. Take on the frank herbert scifi novel. It's been hugely anticipated by me and by others for so long now. I mean to fill the gap. It seems at least from twitter. That a handful of people started reading the book for the first time and and they're loving it. This is one. This is what. I haven't made time for to read in advance atom but have seen some people doing that while they're waiting for dune to come out now. We covered the disastrous. And i know it has its fans too but the disastrous attempt by david lynch to make a movie from the material i think it was last year in our eight from eighty four series and it was fun to consider all the guns. Oh choices made there. We appreciate it a few elements as well. Some of lynch's contributions. but now. I really don't want any of that in my head when i watched the new dune because i really believe that villneuve deserves our sincere attention not camps snickers with this movie i mean his bladerunner twenty forty nine. That proved it to me. That was my number eight film of twenty seventeen. I think he knows what to do with Hetty sci-fi material both in terms of story and plot and with the visuals. Absolutely so i'm going to do my best. To set lynch's dune aside really glad we sought that finally scratch that off my blinds list. But i'd kinda like to have a little bit of amnesia there at least while. I'm watching this new dune which we are going to finally get on october twenty two. I just have one question. Yes will sting be wearing a thong. I mean now. Come on putting the image battle there. It's gonna be at least six weeks to purge that you're welcome. What's the time line. I think i've been travel. The shallow may is in it for dune. Great number one okay. Well i'm going a little bit more obscure. I'm going art house here to your mainstream pick of doon. My number one question is and this is a familiar formula for me in these previews usually i find a way to work. A question in that follows. These lines will bergman island be my favourite film of twenty one or of all time. This is the. I think we need a happen at some point of all these i don't and they never they've never made even my top ten so talk about your cur pursue patients. I am cursing these movies. But i have. I have a really good feeling about this. Josh mia hanson. Loves latest. 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