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Kboi morning news kboi news time seven three time for rick worthington fantastic event the big crowd on hand at the idaho state veteran's cemetery monday for the annual memorial day ceremony in boise this man attended told kboi two tv why he was there to remember those that made the sacrifices they give us the freedoms that we have today to be able to go on to do and celebrate like this we want to well said the event did have a 21gun salute bagpipes even a flyover this time it was a be seventeen bomber that was in town the through the flow the flyover excuse me several other events also held across the state to remember our veterans and memorial day a twin falls man has been killed in a shooting being treated now as a homicide investigation williams scott is identified as the victim the times news tells us there is a suspect in custody right now billy johnson of twin falls also being held on suspicion of being felon in possession of firearm that investigation is ongoing and a boise hunter recovering today after being attacked by a bear marvin jennings in a relative they were hunting for a bear on a bear bait site near grimes creek they saw black barrett approach debate bear shot when jennings approached it bear got up and charged jennings was knocked to the ground in then tumbled down a hill with the bear bear god him on the left arm and leg before jennings was able to dispatch the animal with a handgun that he was carrying kboi two tv reports jennings was hospitalized he is recovering today the one hundred deadliest days of driving is started memorial day marked the start of the one hundred deadly dave on idaho road a time of the year when they're more deaths and serious injuries cripple cowboy of the boise breathe talked about why.

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